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        Let us know your thoughts on 3.2 – Good Weaving Technique – Bobbin Winding.

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        Patricia Moore

          Jane, your techniques are awesome and I have learned so much in this episode 3. You really make everything look so much easier than I have been doing and I enjoy your down to earth approach and I do not feel so overwhelmed. I can’t wait for lesson four. I am a happy weaver now!
          ~ Patricia

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          Emma Hamilton

            Does it show us somewhere how to make a paper quill?

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            Steve Lucas

              Can I ask about the bobbin winder that Jane is using. Is that a bespoke bit of kit cobbled from a sewing machine motor or is it available commercially?

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                  Hi Steve, I’m guessing that it’s a Leclerc Bobbin winder – because Jane carries them on her website. She only carries weaving accessories that she likes in her shop! They are an investment but – IMHO, so worth it.

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                Rosie Rakocy

                  awesome. I am going to do it her way. Such a great teacher.

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                  Deborah Fister

                    this was a great tip. I have always known that I needed a sausage shaped bobbin, but never knew how to get one. I tend to build up my ends too much. Now I won’t have a snag at the end of the bobbin.

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                    Joy Clenaghan

                      Hi Steve,

                      I think she said it was a Schacht. Looks like they are $380 USD. Unfortunately, a bit too high for me. Looks like a beautiful machine.

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                      Colleen Kelly

                        What size Schacht shuttle do you have in this video?

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                            Jane usually uses an 11″ Schacht open bottom shuttle because that is what fits in her hand nicely.  It all depends on the size of your hand and what is comfortable in it.

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                          Nicole Burgess

                            Jane’s instructions videos have been amazing. This one helped me understand why I would get “snags” with the shuttle and how I will have more success in winding my bobbins this way. Thank you!!

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                            Lynn Shiner

                              Great videos so far! I can’t wait for my loom to arrive in a couple of months (hopefully).  At the moment, an electric bobbin winder isn’t in the picture for me yet.  I do have an electric drill.  Are there any demos of using that to wind bobbins? Do we need a special insert for the drill, or will a pencil work for the size bobbins that Jane likes to use with her shuttles?

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                              Mary Williams

                                I have times where the thread “backs up” or reverses on the spool a few revolutions and have been unwinding this section thinking that it will cause a snag. It appears in the first example of bobbin winding that Jane had that happen as well and proceeded on. Does it matter if you have a short section (say 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch) in the middle of the bobbin that reverses? Would love to not worry about it when that happens.

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                                    Not to worry, Mary!  It happens to all of us.  Just wind your yarn back on the bobbin and have fun weaving 😉

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                                    Does Jane recommend  the regular Schacht 11″ shuttle, or the slim Schacht 11″ shuttle?  I know it depends on hand size.  It’s difficult to make that decision without having both accessible.  I understand that the slim allows one to weave closer to the beater, but also holds less yarn?  Suggestions please?  Thank you SOOOO very much !!

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                                        I have both sizes of Schacht 11” inch shuttle.  One pour the regular ones, stay with my Louet David because of it’s big shed.  The other pair lives with my old table loom that has a smaller shed.  If I use them on the David, I still weave in the “sweet spot” and don’t weave closer to the beater, even though I could.  Hope this helps.

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