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        Let us know your thoughts on 2.9.2 – Making a Christmas Star.

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          This is so cool! I’ve always wanted to learn how to make a basket. Jane, thank you for the surprise gift of the great video.

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            Very cool. I can picture them hanging from my overhang with lights for the holidays. Thank you for the inspiration. Nice to meet you Joan!

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              Great! Many thanks Jane and Joan. I look forward to trying this with my own home grown willow. Now I won’t complain when Christmas lights appear in the shops in October! Lovely idea to add some more basketry episodes.

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              I am thinking a great project to do with the older grandkids to give a lesson in practical application of geometry as well as gifts for Christmas!

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                Way cool. I sense another slippery rabbit hole edge here . Yikes!
                Thank you Joan for yourclear instruction. And Jane, this was fun , as always. Thank you

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                  That was a lot of fun to watch. I have some willow twigs a friend gave me. I’m making a star and plan to hang it outside with lights. Thanks for the bonus lesson Joan and Jane. Lis

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                    Hi Joan and Jane,
                    What a great bonus episode…… i was as enthralled watching the basket making as I am watching Jane weave . The thing that impressed me the most was watching the “ballet of well trained hands” create…….. baskets or weaving. Such incentive to strive on…… thank you both so much.

                    Kris Martzall

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                    Julie Wholohan

                      Love this basket and star weaving….have a large stash of stick prunings in my shed. Look out Xmas. Thank you..

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                        Yet more things to add to my growing list of things I want to do! I’ve been thinking these dodecahedrons would be a good project for my granddaughters when they are able to visit. This lockdown, although eased a bit, is having an effect on family get togethers. Just imagine when my youngest granddaughter goes to school and tells the class she made a dodecahedron! Thanks for this. Joan is a really good teacher and I am thrilled you invited her. I wish I had known how to make these when I was a maths teacher. Very educational.

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                        Lara Dayes

                          Another delight!  I love the bonus episode.

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                          Eugenia Gallegos

                            Love, love, love thid guild. A sesnse of well being arises everytime I seat and watch. Jane, you are truly someone I admire and you not only inspire ideas, you inspire confidence! Thank you!

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                            Penelope Boling

                              It might be nice to have a list to print out the materials and lengths of the willows to make it easier to gather what is needed.  Loved it!


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                                  Hi Penelope,

                                  Here’s the list along with a bit of info on the willow from the season 2 kit page Glad you enjoyed this episode!

                                  20 pieces of willow – 15” long

                                  12 elastic bands, pieces of waxed thread or twist ties

                                  The willow for the Christmas Stars is grown on Salt Spring Island. Joan has planted over 15 different varieties of willow especially for basket making. These varieties of willow were developed and grown for hundreds of years mainly in Europe to supply the willow basket industry. Each stick if one years growth and is harvested in winter while the plant is dormant. Each plant produces a variety of lengths from 2 ft. to 10 ft. long so these need to be sorted by height and stacked to dry.
                                  Willow has so many uses a fascinating history and this star is just one way for you to enjoy it’s beauty.

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