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        Let us know your thoughts on 2.8.3 – Playing at the Loom.

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        MaryAnn Kull

          I’m really disappointed this segment. It’s fun listening to Jane make decisions on color selections but BORING to watch her weav and not see the results. Usually the photography is superb but not this time.
          I’ll follow Jane’s suggestions for color combinations so I can see for myself what the results are.

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          MaryAnn Kull

            Sorry for the snarky post. I probably shouldn’t have hit post but I was truly disappointed that there wasn’t any closeup of the striping that Jane was so enthused about. I generally watch the videos on my older iPad so colors are not always true. I’ve tried to use the recommended colors as often as possible and LOVE the results.
            After watching “At the Table” I got a much better idea of what the color and striping sequences achieved. My enthusiasm for the Guild and videos has not waned.
            BTW, I took my weaving from this year to show and tell at our guild’s spinning session and promoted this guild to all members, new and old. The Online Guild is by far the best thing that’s happened to me as a weaver.


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            Margaret Edwards

              This video made the lightbulb go off on the magic of a gamp!  Thank you.  I can’t wait to play some more!


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              Colleen Kelly

                Love the “hot colors” combined with the “muted warp”.  What a great combo.   I am learning so much from your color (and patterned) gamps.  (I also love that you show the “oh, shoot!” moments (weft pick hanging up on the cloth apron rod in the previous video – thought that only happened to me).)   Time to start some gamps for sure, but after the holidays.

                Thank you so very much for all of your generous information and dedication to helping and developing newbie multi-shaft weavers!

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