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        Let us know your thoughts on 10.7 – Season 1 Finale.

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        Carmen Berthelette

          I am so in for next year!!!!

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            Me too, can’t wait for 2018 with Jane – what an inspirational lady and so easy to listen to and watch – Thank you from

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              Thank you very much Jane, I have enjoyed this soooo much. What an inspiration. I am very anxious for the next episodes.


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              Trudie Folsom

                Count me in for next year, too! These videos have been invaluable to me as a new weaver. Happy holidays to you, too!

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                  Happy Holiday, I learnt so much and cannot wait for the next series !!!

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                    Thank you so much for a fabulous first year with your guild! I’m looking forward to next year. I can’t tell you how valuable your lessons have been for me! Once again, many thanks.

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                    Deb Austin

                      Marvelous first year! Can’t wait for season 2!!

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                        Thanks so much Jane and all the other people you mention in the credits. It’s been a brilliant year. Couldn’t do without your monthly videos. Love the way I can pick out just what I need from them with the help of Ginette’s index.
                        Really looking forward to next year. Hope you all have a great holiday break.

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                            So happy you have enjoyed the 1st season….we start filming for next year on Monday….so excited 🙂

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                            Thx, Jane, loved all the videos and seeing you each month. Looking forward to next year and learning more and more. Will you do a bit of rep weaving?

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                                Hi Carol,
                                2018 is all about Colour and Design, but we will do a entire episode on Repp the following year. 2019…is Pushing the Boundaries of Plain Weave : Warp Faced, Weft Faced, Cramming and Denting, Denting, Supplementary Warp, Log Cabin and beyond 🙂 There is just so much to do!!!!!!!!!

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                              Michelle Simon

                                Happy Holidays Jane and Crew!

                                I learned so much this year. When and how do we sign up for the next round? I’m so happy to have the time to work on weaving……and to have Jane as a teacher!

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                                  Have really enjoyed this! The videos are excellent. I can’t wait to join next year’s lessons!

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                                  Deborah Cannatella

                                    Thank you so much for these videos. I look forward to them every month. As a novice weaver, it has helped me tremendously. I am really looking forward to the 2018 workshop.

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                                    Elizabeth Arthur

                                      Tham you so much for this excellent class. I thoroughly enjoyed Season 1 and am excited to start Season 2.

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                                        Hi Jane- thank you, thank you! Even though I have been weaving for a “few years”, I am picking up new tips and/or being reminded of old tricks. What a treasure for weavers around the world. Looking forward to Season 2!!

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                                          Jane, thank you so much! I am going to be a “lifer” in this fabulous online guild. Even as a seasoned weaver, I have learned so much and gleaned SO many great tips and tricks. I am so thrilled that this guild will be ongoing. I agree with Doreen, above. What a treasure.

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                                            Thank you, Jane. Just finished the first year. I feel as though a breath of fresh air came into my weaving. So many wonderful tips. I am inspired by your generosity as a teacher. What a gift! Thank you

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                                            Lara Dayes

                                              Thank you! This season of teaching has been such a welcome change for how I had been slowly learning in fits & starts. Joining was a Christmas present to myself, and you have slowly but surely taken care of those “fearful” things. I am looking forward to the other seasons!

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                                              Sue Heathcote

                                                Thank you, Jane, for this excellent on-line Guild. A couple of friends recommended that I joined; I have enjoyed every episode, and learned much. I am feeling a more confident, and really looking forward to Season 2. You are an excellent teacher, and I love your sense of humour! Many thanks. Sue

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                                                Jody Farrand

                                                  I have so enjoyed Season 1. Jayne you are so delightful. I loved the credits and the out take at the end and thanks to ALL the team.
                                                  See you in Season 2–sort of like Back to the Future.

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                                                  Johanna McKennerney

                                                    I am not a new weaver been weaving for 25+ years! I truly enjoyed Season 1 as it reinforced old and new techniques. I’m so looking forward to Season 2. Thank you Jane and to all your staff!

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                                                    Rosie Rakocy

                                                      so glad I came aboard. Class was recommend by Jennifer Moore when she was teaching Doubleweave her in Fort Walton Beach. I am so glad..I have learned so much from the 1st season…and feeling more confident in my planning etc. great teaching and great sense of humor.


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                                                      Leigh Wheeler

                                                        I really enjoyed Season 1! I am a brand new weaver, and your videos are so helpful. Your explanation of looms was perfect. I FINALLY understand the difference between counterbalance and countermarche. Thank you!!!

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                                                        Kimberley Daniel

                                                          Thank you Jane (and everyone)! What a discovery this Online Guild has been for me, a new weaver. I went to Peru last November and was so inspired by the weavers in Chinchero I decided I wanted to learn how to weave. Took a class in January, got partway thru another one in March and then … everything changed. But my love for weaving was ignited and weaving became my ‘thing to do’ with all this time at home. I have learned SO much from this first year. Thank you for all your tips and pointers but most especially thank you for making it so darn much fun. I look forward to the next 3 seasons (yay!)!

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                                                            Sorry if I’m in the wrong place. I’m still learning how to get around.  I need to not have so much buildup at my selvedges. The best way to ask my question is to give an example.  When I have finished a weft color, I unply the end of the Harrisville Shetland yarn. The unplied strand gets tucked in. Now it just looks like a regular strand. When I start a new color, do I go to the opposite selvedge to start my new thread?


                                                            my second question has to do with the softness of Harrisville Shetland. We have hard water, so I wet finish with no perfume hair conditioner. However, it still is not soft. What do I have to do to make it soft?


                                                            thank you.

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                                                              It has been many years since I used my loom.  I am like a new baby weaver.

                                                              Thank you Jane for giving me courage to begin again.  I found you when I went on line to search for “how to read a draft” because that’s how much I had forgotten !!  After watching, I realized what an amazing and kind teacher you are !!  I learned more in that “how to read a draft” video than reading books I have collected – but never used as the patterns were so darn intimidating !!  I found the Jane Stafford Guild, joined, and began watching from the beginning.  I found the answers to many questions I had not even begun to imagine !!

                                                              I love the way Jane teaches so effortlessly but completely.  Weaving just flows from Jane, and I am happy to say that some of it had drifted all the way to Texas.   You have my most humble and sincere gratitude.  Dusting off that loom with joy and some confidence for whatever may happen.

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                                                              Vivian Brockwell

                                                                The credits warmed my heart – Footware – None. Same here.

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                                                                Sharon Fischer

                                                                  Just finished Season 1!!!

                                                                  I have been weaving on a rigid heddle loom for a couple of years, and I’m ready and anxious to commit to a floor loom. These classes have been perfect. I feel like I’m getting the chance to go back to college for a fiber arts degree. Thank you, Jane, thank you!


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                                                                  Danielle Perreault

                                                                    Thank you very much Jane.  I learn so much with you.  I can’t wait to watch the next episodes.

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                                                                    Gisela Towner

                                                                      Well Jane, I’m pretty new here, although not entirely new to weaving.  So in about 8 days, I’ve watched the first year and I am so blown away!  Although, I’ve rarely left the house in this past year, I haven’t accomplished much weaving, because of weaving issues that were frustrating me to no end. I have to thank you for re-igniting the fire I felt at the beginning of my weaving  journey, the fire that prompted me to go out and buy wayyy too much yarn (is that even possible?) and an insane number of looms, including a lovely Jane that I found on Craigslist, still in the box, for only $150!!!!!

                                                                      Everything is so much clearer, with your wonderful explanations and examples. It’s like someone turned on the lights!  Thank you for being you and I just love the way you teach.  I hope to be a member of your great guild for a very long time.

                                                                      Maybe I’ll just take a little peek at season 2 before bed…. ah, who am I kidding? A glass of wine and some chocolate can carry me for at least a couple more hours.   😀

                                                                      Thank you Jane and all your staff for this!


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                                                                      Katrin Moews

                                                                        I watched episode one over the last month and am blown away – by the knowledge you share, but also by your wonderful warm humour and relatable personality. You are an incredible teacher. Thank you so much for making this classes accessible internationally and at such an affordable price! (And I am really cheap, so that says a lot… ;-D) It is even more appreaciated these days, when real-life classes and retreats are not possible.

                                                                        I have already learned a lot, and am now looking forward to the next season. ^_^

                                                                        Greetings an warm hug from Germany,


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