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      Terry Lynn Carefoot

        Good morning everyone. Just wanted Jane to know how great the guild is. I took a fiber arts program that included weaving for three years and I have learned more valuable information the first five lessons than I did in three years in that program. Thank you Jane looking forward to the remaining.

        Terry Lynn

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          Thank you Terry Lynn….gosh that is quite the testimonial.
          We have been filming for future episodes all week….I am so excited about what is coming soon. 🙂

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            susan wolfe

              Hi Jane,

              I just wanted to tell you how much I love the online guild.  I look forward each month to getting the newest episode of this wonderful format.  I have learned so much and am greatly improving my weaving.  I have always followed Handwoven projects – never feeling comfortable enough to strike out on my own with designing my own patterns.  Since I have been watching these online videos, I have woven 2 scarves totally designed by me.   Though not perfect – I have learned from each one.  I look forward also to learn about color and design when that comes up!  I also love your humor!

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            Ed Chapman

              I just joined the guild a few days ago, and I’ve already been through all of Jane’s posted video streams.

              My life has been changed.

              I am a 3 year weaver, having begun on this road using a rigid heddle and mostly stick shuttles. All of my technique is coming from Youtube videos, so my social and hands on interactions have been limited to show-me-your-loom at weaving stores.  I’m a full time public school teacher so not a lot of time or funds for classes. Great joy.  I made a lot of small and a few big things on that rigid heddle and loved every hour of it.

              Last summer I bought a table loom- an Ashford 8 harness. Love it. It opened up access to all the design and pattern I was reading about in Strickler’s 8-shaft patterns book and I was able to sort out how drafts work on paper.

              My big issue was always the shuttle. I could not get my shuttle to stop diving down 2/3 of the way across my shed. No end of frustration. I was weaving, but ever. so. slowly. My focus was on the selvedges- keeping them perfect and even. Lots of fiddling. I’d blame it on the table loom not having anything under the lower threads of the shed to support them when opening the shed transferred more tension on the upper threads. I usually would revert to stick shuttles.

              Then I watched Jane’s video on good weaving techniques and she gave a me a visual- imagine the shuttle is a teacup that you don’t want to spill. That did it. After about 45 minutes of practice it kind of clicked. I have now tripled my weaving rate and my selvedges are perfect. I will never use a stick shuttle again.

              Thanks Jane. I am so looking forward to your next videos!!!

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