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        Excited to try cutting out one of the stripes on the first sample (Season 2) – successfully replaced them with a new color.  But I’m having tension problems.  I have added a LOT of weight to the group of new ends (after using the empty cones the way Jane suggests).  It works – until I release the tension to advance the warp.  Because the new color, which is weighted at the back, is still under a lot of tension (from all the weight), it pulls and messes up the fell line.  My solution is to pick up the added ends before I release the tension.  That works OK.  But it’s hard to get the tension on the warp even across the old & new threads.  Is anyone else having problems with this?

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          Have you checked your tension by feeling it with your hand as you press going from one side to the other?  My guess is that you’ll feel the different tension in your changed colour – maybe you have too much weight on it?  It took a bit of fiddling until I got it right and I wove an inch or so to get it where I was happy with it, before starting a new sample.

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