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    Ruth Johnson

    Colour has always scared me a bit….well a lot actually. I tend to play it very safe. I decided to take a leap and trust this process. I picked a photo I loved and pulled colours. The warp did not look appealing to me at all but I kept at it and the colour magic happened as I wove! I feel like I have been let out of a very limited box of boring crayons and now I have the giant pack I always wanted!!IMG_1161IMG_1159fullsizeoutput_16



    This episode was an absolute revelation to me.  I have struggled with colour and usually go for the safe option of warp and weft being the same.  Thank you Jane for opening the doors and windows to colour.  I now feel confident to incorporate this into my weaving.  I’m loving this online guild, best spent money ever.



    Too cute Shelley!  Looks like they made you some patterns for future weaving, maybe a couple of blankets for them?  🙂



    Looks great!  Nice big colour card!



    Ecstatic at the freedom and pleasure I’m enjoying!  Organized my stash – complete with sample cards.  SO much to choose from… freedom in a little order.  Thanks for the inspiration.8-2 yarns small8-2 yarn card



    How delightful, Shelley!  It brings back memories of when our set of fraternal grandchildren were really interested in what Nana was doing.  They wove, helped me create and dye in natural dyes and indigo vats.  Lots of fun and memories.  Now they are 14 and a bit too cool for that at the moment.  Hopefully they will grow back into it but they certainly have an understanding of cloth.  You made my day!!!



    My 6 year old twin grandkids inspired by the episode I was watching. 1331C3F3-0726-4A87-960F-7BCE5327C9E0


    Maureen Janda

    A spectacular, dizzying, wonderful episode. I’d hoped for this when I first saw some of your towel examples and couldn’t imagine being able to come up with the beautiful color combinations. I know I’ll watch this episode again and again.



    Love, love. love this episode! I think I have thought that about every episode so far. I am destined to be a “life member”. I am learning so much.  Jane, thank you so much for EVERYTHING you (and your great staff) are putting into this wonderful online guild… and your wonderful Canadian accent makes me so homesick. I am an Okanagan girl living in Texas. It is lots of fun but there’s no place like home!



    I have a practical question.  How do you store the pile of inspiration pictures from magazines?  I could paste them in a book, but then they are not available to put with notes, sketches, yarn samples etc.  I could put them in a file folder, but that is not secure…pictures all over the floor.  I could take a camera/phone picture and store them on the computer and hope I can find them later.   How do others manage this?


    Deborah Cannatella

    Color inspirationIMG_0567_edited-1

    This was such a great episode. I’ve used this method before… taking magazine pages of images i like, tearing them out, then crumpling and folding and flattening and looking at the shapes for abstract painting. But I hadn’t thought of drawing from these same images for weaving.  So I grabbed an image of a dress that I liked because of the pattern/colors and pulled this together.  I will be doing more of this, and sketching with colored pencils… can’t wait!




    Thanks, Jane. Reposted to Ravelry as requested.



    You are brilliant Jean……thank you so much for sharing this idea.

    Can you share it on the Ravelry page too 🙂



    Totally inspired and empowered by Jane’s studio workshop I came up with what I am calling my “colour palette kit”. I’ve had so much fun with it that I wanted to share, in case anyone else would enjoy this as much as I am. I don’t have room to have all of my cones spread out all of the time, and this is so handy (something I can work with while I wait for the next online guild episode :)). The setup has also made it very obvious that nature abounds with analogous colour schemes.


    Rather than make a sample card, as Jane suggests, I wound my samples of 2/8 cotton (augmented with a few 4/8 and boucle to round out the colour wheel) onto embroidery floss bobbins and mounted them on a brass ring from the dollar store.  I know myself well enough that I could obsess for far too long finding the “perfect” picture from which to pull a palette (especially because I want to use my own photos) so I am working my way through last year’s desk calendar. When I am finished I will have a book of 50+ colour palettes. I made a little window to focus my attention and avoid hyperventilating with possibilities. I know that when I get to December I can start at the beginning, move my window, and come up with a different palette on the same picture. After watching this latest episode I think I will go back to the mountain picture here and do the whole image.

    example2      example1

    I’m just practicing training my eye. When I take the next step to playing with graphics and planning a project I’ll be able to pull a page, put it in a sketch book, and get out the pencil crayons and big cones.

    On a practical note, I couldn’t find bobbins in town and ended up ordering plastic ones; the notches are a bit sloppy for 2/8 so I would recommend the cardboard ones if you can find them.



    Cheryl, it’s everywhere, isn’t it?!

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