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        Hi Kids,   Let me know your thoughts 🙂

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        Wendy Knudson

          I really learned a lot from this episode and it’s got me looking outside for inspiration, instead of always looking for someone else’s “recipe” to duplicate. I feel much more confident about designing my own textiles now.

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              I wish we had a like button 🙂


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              have just begun with this episode -so far so great!

              one suggestion that might help the folks having trouble with volume – if you could mic your right side instead if your left then when you are working at the board you are still facing into the mic.  you also seem to favor your left shoulder when throwing the blankets and towels and this would prevent the mic from being covered.

              i am really enjoing your guild and think the was a brilliant idea!!

              thank you



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                  Hi Stephanie
                  Your are right…I keep throwing pieces of weaving over my Mic.
                  On the last set I put my mic right in front…duh…it will get better I promise 🙂
                  Thanks for your input.

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                  Thank you Jane. Yes I really enjoyed this one also. I already knew quite a bit about Fibonacci (gosh, Im married to a mathematician, yikes! 🙀) and did make a nice scarf a few months back with the Fibonacci idea. But I really enjoyed the repetitive maths as that is my weakest point in weaving. And I like how you aren’t so particular (just add some warps here, just add an inch for the border, just whack in a zinger here!); this has really freed up my weaving, to not be so driven. So thank you once again Jane. I enjoy the flow of the lessons and the many and varied examples you show. I think I need to get a bit serious about having a design folder though, usually everything just gets stored in my head! 🙄 Here’s the Fibonacci scarf on the left (2 purple weft + 2 purple weft =4, 2 purple + 4 purple = 6, 4 purple + 6 purple =10, 6 purple + 10 purple = 16 purple rows at the end.)
                  Ali's scarves

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                  Sony Baron

                    So lucky to get this episode early 🙂

                    It’s beautiful and oh so helpful as I can never have enough of that stuff! Thank you!!!


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                      Thanks Jane for the PDF pattern of Grant’s Shetland blankie!  Been wanting to make one for a while, each time I see it at your studio.  Time to pull out my Shetland cones out of my stash 🙂

                      This episode brings home the fact that we can all design our own patterns with ease.  I’m making a warp today with some boucle & 2/8 cotton tea towels and have loads of ideas floating in my head!  Time to do a bit of drawing.

                      Love your scarves Alison!  I too need to start a design book instead of having them on bits of paper &  scrap envelopes where they always get misplaced somehow…

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                        Oh, I forgot to say in my post that, previously, I designed my stripe patterns using inches/centimetres, but from now on I’m going to design using Fibonacci numbers! I have a warp waiting to go on today for a baby blankie with bands of white, but now, after watching this episode, I’m going to turn those ‘measured’ bands into Fibonacci bands! Yippee! Thank you Jane. 💋


                        Thank you Ginette! 💐

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                        Trudy Exton

                          Hi Jane I am loving this online guild format!  It is so great to have you in my studio/office with me when I need reminding about how to do something.  Learning so much and also reinforcing the stuff I forget.  I think there is a mistake in the tie-up on page 2 of Grant’s Blankie, shouldn’t it read 1,2 2,3 3,4 4,1?

                          Thanks  Trudy

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                              Thanks Trudy…..argh…..you are correct.
                              Standard twill tie-up

                              Alastair isn’t in until Tuesday. I’ll get him to fix it then.
                              Thanks for letting me know 🙂

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                              Brilliant episode, I have finally sat down with pencil and paper and made notes and I  am now inspired to get to my loom tomorrow morning.  You are a brilliant teacher – THANKYOU.

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                                  Thank you… 🙂
                                  Why are you waiting for tomorrow, LOL

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                                  Hi Jane!  For the color sequence in the video for Grant’s Shetland Blankie, each side has 73 ends (5, 8, 13, 21, 13, 8, 5).  In the PDF each side has 81 ends (9, 8, 13, 21, 13, 8, 9).  Nine on each end instead of 5.  Shouldn’t it be 5?  Hoping to make this in doubleweave as my loom is only 36″ wide.

                                  Looking forward to this month’s episode!

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                                      I re-wrote it a bit for the pattern.  Use what is in the pattern :).  It will all be good.

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                                      I designed an asymmetrical scarf in cotton.  24 epi, 8 harness, 2/2 twill with brown/green/violet/mauve

                                      I wanted to understand the reversing twill.  threading and treadling,  It works!!

                                      photo on the loom of the end of the warp :  the sample part, reversing the accent violet/mauve

                                      So far 12 3/4 inches in the reed,  11 1/2 woven on loom (draw-in)

                                      I enjoyed doing the hemstitching.


                                      At the bottom of the photo you can see what I do to remember my treadle numbers.  I change the tabby and twill.  If I am doing a lot of tabby I have my treadles placed evenly for my feet.  I find that the outside treadle are more difficult or at least a less natural movement.


                                      Assymetrical scarf 2  Oct 2017

                                      another photo showing a bit of my weaving space

                                      assymetrical scarf 1  Oct 2017

                                      After I have washed and measured the scarf  I plan to post more images.



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                                        My washed cotton scarf.  A bit wrinkly looking.

                                        assymmetrical scarf 5 Oct 2017


                                        The warp started with the brown weft, as above.assymmetrical scarf 4 Oct 2017

                                        The second half of the scarf.  The most interesting thing I learned is that the first half of the warp I wove with my Leclerc shuttle (brown weft) then I switched to my Schadt shuttle for the mauve stripes and green weft.  The weft was tighter with the Schadt shuttle.???  I don’t know why, you can see the edges change.

                                        assymmetrical scarf 3 Oct 2017

                                        This shows the sample with Fibonacci stripes beside the scarf with the wide stripes.


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