Tea towels and hem stitching

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    Thank you- that makes sense!



    If you are planning to machine or hand sew hems onto the top and bottom of each towel, then you don’t have to hemstitch. You can to weave a bit extra in PW for a hem. I usually weave about 1″ each end and then weave about 3 picks of a heavier yarn that I use as a cutting line, if I’m weaving a number of items before I cut any off the loom. Hemstitching done at the loom is usually for samples, scarves or other items where you might want a fringe.



    Yup, me again ☺️

    Just watched the epsiode in Season 1 on hem stitching- super awesome and so easy it o understand! My question is:

    when I weave multiple tea towels per warp, do i hem stitch in between each towel (woven towel, hem stitch, 2 picks of heavy yarn as separator, hem stitch, woven towel #2 and so on)? Or do i only hem stitch at the beginning of weaving and then again when ready to take the whole piece of fabric off the loom?

    thank you 😍😍😍

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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