Substitute for floating selvedge.

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      Mary Williams

        I just watched Jane’s floating selvedge video. Thank you Jane! I wish I had watched it before now. I am a beginner and have warped a loom for a twill scarf. Even though the draft said it was for all levels, including very new weavers, it did not mention a floating selvedge in the draft or in the text. I assume this is because experienced weavers know you always need one for twill drafts.

        After starting to weave I discovered the problem. Not having seen the video, what I am doing is making sure I go around the outside thread (when necessary). It is definitely tedious but seems to be working. Other than being more time-consuming, and noting that the left edge looks slightly different than the right (for some reason I assume is associated with the method I am using), are there any other issues with doing this that might come back and bite me? I’m 15 inches along on a warp with no room to cut off what I have done so far and still have a length that will work for a scarf.

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          Hi Mary,

          In Season 1, Episode 5.4, you’ll find lots of info on floating selvedges, why you need one, how to add them and how to deal with not having one & to create one on the spot without adding an additional thread on the back of the loom.

          At this point in your weaving, I would probably just keep going the way you’re doing it, it does slow you down a bit though.

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