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        Trying Crackle for the first time. I am using 2/8 cotton royal doubled for the pattern picks and 2/8 cotton natural single for the tabby. If this is correct, then I think I am treadling wrong. One repeat of treadling for towel #2 is
        4t3t2t1t4t1t2t3t4t according to the diagram. Ending on treadle 4 and then starting the repeat on treadle 4. This is what you see in the picture. It puts two 4 picks together. Shouldn’t a repeat end on 3t so the progression can start again on 4t? Help!
        Also a similar treadling appears in treadling ll. towel #4
        One more ? I am assuming that each color length is 5″ as it is in towel #1? TIA Dianne

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          Hi Dianne,

          When you see a 6 in the treadle box…you need to repeat that treadle 6 times with alternating tabbies in between…then it will look just like the pattern.  🙂

          Hope this helps,



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          kathleen ready

            Hi Dianne, I have recently finished this project.. I think of each of  the  treadlings as a block. I see from your photo, you have not repeated the treadling 6 times, before moving to the next treadling or block.  That’s just another of many options.

            There are so many designs you can weave, as there are 4 blocks. You are correct, in what you say if you do not want to end your  1st pattern with some plain weave. When continuing with the pattern you can weave

            4,t,3,t,2,t,1,t,4,t,1,t,2,t,3,t,4,t,(1t)  this extends the diamond. Then restart at the 4,t.

            Or 4,t,3,t,2,t,1,t,2,t,3,t,4,t,3,t,2,t,1,t,2,t   and so on.

            You can even just weave one block over and over, I did for one of my towels and have squares and stripes.


            Hope this helps.






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              Thank you Jane for the explanation. It cleared everything up. In fact so much so, I unwove and rewove it correctly. See the attached picture. Kathleen thank you for your help. I will definitely look at your towels.  I am learning so much in the online guild. Can’t wait for the start of this seasoncrackle

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              Ed Chapman

                OK… that is a lovely pattern. I am thinking about adapting it to a large wool blanket using Harrisville Shetland for warp and tabby, and Harrisville Highland for the pattern weft. Thoughts? I have never woven crackle before, but lots of overshot.

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