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        Hi,   I purchased the Stash Crackle Pop tea towel pattern,  I’m in the midst of weaving a set of 6 towels and love how they look.

        So much so, that I would like to do it in 2/8 cotton with fingering weight Dorset wool for weft.  I know, I should sample, but maybe you could suggest a sett for this.  When I sampled the Dorset with itself, I felt 10 epi was my preferred weight.  Thinking I should split the difference between that and my usual sett of 2/8 cotton, and go with 16 epi.  I would appreciate your help on a hot day in Ontario.

        I’m planning baby blankies for triplette boys.


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          For something as precious as blankies for triplets – sampling is the answer 😉  Jane recommends setts on yarns that she knows like the back of her hand, but when it’s a yarn that none of us has used ……….

          Have you thought about the care that will be needed for these blankies by an incredibly busy new mom?  I say that because I’ve seen the result of what happens when a handwoven wool blanket gets accidentally thrown in the washing machine – it’s not a pretty sight!

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          Ed Chapman

            Sandra is correct. I have beautiful hand knit sweater that now is a wash mitt for the car.

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