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      Jamie Rayburn

        I’ve been weaving on my new Spring since December.  I am currently weaving a pw triple weave in 8/4 cotton sett at 16 epi and sleyed 4 threads per dent in a 12 dent reed.  I’ve got decent sheds, although the treadles do feel different, which I kinda expected given what I’m asking her to do.  I threaded 6 shafts, 1, 3, 5, 2, 4, 6 and set up my treadles to 1,2,3 to the right and tied up 1, then 1,2,3, then 1,2,3,4,5.  Treadles 4,5,6 are tied up 2, then 1,2,4, then 1,2.3,4,6.  I’m getting the three layers I wanted.  Then things went awry and I realized the left end of my lower lamm for shaft 2 was on the floor.  I have the new open ends and the fine adjustment piece came away with the lamm.  The cord had also come off the lower roller.  Some of the cords had come out of the guides at the ends.  Once I figured all that out and got everything back in place, I wove more and then discovered the right end of the lower lamm for shaft 5 had completely pulled out of the cord with the end intact.  In other words, the little pointy pin had even pulled out of the cord.  And again, the cord was off the lower roller.  I’m thinking there’s congestion somewhere so after getting everything back in place, I took off all the excess long tie up cords, but the treadles still don’t feel quite right.  Before I discovered the second lamm fall, I’d woven about an inch and half that was just a mass of unwoven yarn in the third layer, necessitating unweaving the other two layers.  I really don’t want to have to do that again!   I’m new to countermarche looms and have never done triple weave before.  Could it just be the fact there is just a lot of bulk (960 threads over 20″) concentrated on 6 shafts? And the fix will be to just keep an eagle eye on everything? Thanks!

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          Hi Jamie,

          Some kind of strain is making those lamms pop out or off….and it could be caused from several things.

          1.  It could be your tie-up.  Remember to do your tie-up with the blocking pin in.  With a counter-marche loom you can never have a long and a short cord for one harness going to the treadle.  So if you want harness one to rise…tie a short cord to your lower lamm 1 and then long cords to 2,3,4,5,6.   Your lower lamms are your risers and your upper lamms are your sinkers.

          So if by chance you have a muddle in your tie-up that would force the lamms out of the texsolve because you are  telling  a harness to go up and down at the same time and it is saying….let me out of here 🙂


          2.  Your warp is pretty darn dense for 8/4 cotton in plain weave.  I sett 8/4 at 12 EPI for a single layer…and you have it sett at 16.  It will be much easier to weave with fewer ends per inch.

          Those are the 2 thoughts that pop into my mind right now.  Let us know how you are getting along.

          And to ease your mind…what is happening to you is not normal.  The new harness ends have been in use now for quiet sometime and I have not heard of them being a problem, only a blessing 🙂

          Cheers Jane


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          Jamie Rayburn

            Hi – I tried to post a picture of the project Jane helped me with, but it’s a bit too big to upload. I have a Harrisville style bench and I wove a 3 layer plain weave sleeve to slide over the seat.   I’m sure you would have noticed my fibonacci stripes from season 1!  I still need to add a bit of padding between the top two layers and stitch the ends together, but I’m very happy with it!

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