Sources on Turned Twill?

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      Maureen Janda

        I very much want to learn to weave turned twill. I remember Jane saying that she loved it and had hoped she might do it for the guild, but no luck this year. I wonder if she or anyone could recommend any good sources for me. I don’t know any of the block types of weaves, but I’m pretty good at teaching myself if given a decent resource.

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          Some weaving programs will turn a draft with the click of a button. Barbara J. Walker has a good explanation in her book <span style=”text-decoration: underline;”>Supplementary Warp Patterning: Turned Drafts, Embellishment & Motifs</span>, pp. 6-9, of how to turn a draft by yourself. Not an inexpensive book, but full of fun ideas for 1-shuttle weaving of complex- looking fabrics. Available on her website, her name dot com. Don’t see any turned twill recipes in it however. But the instruction for turning a draft has lots of illustrations to help the reader understand. I read on JST that the 2020 theme will be  “Twill on 4.” Maybe she covers it there. Or will now, because you asked?

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          Ed Chapman

            I have had pretty good luck just doing a websearch for turned twill drafts. Many will come up on Pinterest, which I abhor, but you can close the window without joining and magnify the draft pic enough to see what is going on. I then input the idea to my laptop weaving draft program and play/plan from there. I love turned twill and use it all the time for scarves and towels.


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              @Ed: I hate the ubiquitous pinterest too. When you search, type in “-pinterest” at the end of the search words without space between “-” and “pinterest”, you get all results that are NOT pinterest linked.

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