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        Hi kids,
        Thank you to all of you for taking the time to pop over here and share your thoughts and questions. The launch has been nearly flawless, just a few people not able to log in and I think I caused most of their problems…..always so much to learn about everything.

        It is exciting to see you beginning to chat. This is awesome and I hope you will all help each other out. I’m not always chatty….ha, I bet you find that hard to believe, but, its true and sometimes I just don’t have time to answer a billion questions so I need you to help each other. Sandra will let me know when I need to chime in. She is a great moderator and has been working with me for years.

        There is a great deal of information in these videos. Watch them again again because you will see and learn something new each time. You will process it at a deeper level each time. I always say “repetition leads to mastery”.

        I encourage you to try some of the things I do…when you try them you will see how they work and then you can decide whether they work for you or not. I encourage all of you to question everything….that is how I have learned all the things I’ve learned. I don’t ‘just do something because someone tells me to’….well maybe I did when I was a new weaver, but eventually…..if I thought I could do it differently and have it work better…I did it. I tweaked it and made it mine.
        I have learned so much by just doing and comparing, through real time experience, always striving to make the cloth and weaving experience the best I possibly can.

        Weaving happens all over the world. Weavers all over the world do things in completely different ways and usually for good reason….you can to. I’ll share what I know with you….you can take it or leave. It is all good, not right, not wrong….just different.

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        Kathleen McDonald

          Hey Jane – just wondering if you could post a ‘schedule’ or list of dates when the Episodes will air on your site? I could then pop it into my calendar etc. With thanks ~~~~

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            Hi Kathleen, We’ll get on that this week. We need to do a bit of tweaking and see how we can organize the forum a bit. It is exciting.
            We will make a calendar for everyone.

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              I’m very new and see if will.  Need to order a proper warping board.  I had instructions to make one but can’t wait any longer for my husband to make one.

              Any suggestions.

              <span style=”line-height: 1.5;”>C-A</span>

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                Hi Carol-Ann,

                I don’t know if your question was only to Jane or not, but I thought I’d try to help.  I did a search and here’s what I found:



                As well as all these images to choose from:




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                  Thanks for an excellent first lesson series!  I’ve picked up a number of tips which I’m starting to use.  Been weaving for awhile, but always happy to learn more!

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                    Oh Jane, thank you for this wonderful gift of online workshops! I get to go back to your studio – one of my favourite places on earth. But I get to learn while I sit in a cozy chair with a cup of tea – in my own studio. I just wish Rosemary was here to make me lunch… 

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                    Linda Finkelstein

                      Hi Jane!

                      Re: Yarn management!

                      Have watched this first set of videos twice and will view yet again.  It’s so helpful to hear all the explanations of both  “the why “in addition to “the what” of your method plus appreciate the flexible point of view.

                      The use of a swift and spool for fine threads;  the use of a shoe box with rods and rubber bands to unreel cones in a horizontal position; and ways to use fingers, hands and body position to maintain an even tension while placing yarn onto a warping frame or stand and then making a secure warp chain… so much specific information new to me.  Will be making multiple shorter warps for practice.  Thank you Jane!   Linda

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                        Loved all the “new to me” suggestions. The one that will help me sooooo much is tiny, tight chaining!!! Great views and angles. Lovely colors and lighting-well put together videos. Thank you! This will help my warping process so much! Can’t wait till next lesson 😊

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                        Amanda Wood

                          Thanks so much Jane. I was disappointed that I missed out on your in person workshops this year so this has been a great learning space. I’ve implemented just two of your suggestions and saved time and energy already! Looking forward to next month.

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