Skeleton tie-up for Mohair on Louet Spring

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      Khabira Wise

        Well, don’t I feel like a big dunce! I warped up a wee mohair scarf today on my Spring for my first practice with mohair. Next step is the tie-up which I thought I understood from the videos (I totally get the treading sequence), but when I looked up “Skeleton Tie-up for Countermarch,” the Helpline answer that came up was different than what I imagined it would be so I wanted to verify it with you before I do the tie-up and start in.

        I can’t make the tie-up box from your Helpline response paste properly, but the text that went with it is:

        The 1st treadle has a tie-up cord on lower lamm #1 (o) and a tie-up cord on upper lamm#2 (x) and #4 (x) and there is no tie-up cord on 3.The 2nd treadle has nothing on lamm one, an upper cord on #2 and#4 (x) and a lower cord on #3 (o). When you step on those first 2 treadles they make a perfect tabby shed.  The other half of your tabby is on the other 2 treadles.  You will note that not everything is tied up making it possible to step on 2 treadles at the same time. 

        I can follow those instructions easy peasy, but I just wanted to make sure that this what I should do.

        Thanks so much!!!!

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          Yes, that is what you do.

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          Khabira Wise

            Thanks, as always, for your generosity, Jane.

            I have ordered the book you mentioned, “The Complete Book of Drafting for Handweavers.” I do try to learn as much as I can on my own 😉

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