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    Hi Sylvia

    thank you, I chained a short warp and added in any missing threads into warp on the back beam and then cut out the shorties. No short-cuts on this mishap. Need to be more mindful when warping.  Thanks again,





    Oh dear Heidi.
    Been there, done that. I hope that didn’t happen more than once because those ends are toast unless you can unwind the warp to that point to correct the problem. It it’s only a very few ends, cut them out before you wind on and add the replacement ends at least half a yard longer than your warp and weight them at the back of your loom. If there are many ends, the way that I might approach this safely, if you are working back to front, would be to start beaming your warp and the problem will show itself when the lease sticks stop from winding further. This is the point where you turned around at the wrong peg, so wind carefully so they won’t break. Once you have identified the the threads, you have 2 options. Mark them by tying them together then rewind your warp to the rod. Wind a replacement section, mindful of your colour order at this spot, in the correct yardage and add them over the rod with your existing warp to replace the ones you will now cut out. Or you could cut them all out and add the replacement ends after you complete winding on just as you would for just a few.Either way, it will be time consuming and finicky. But aren’t we frequently faced with a problem to be solved in this weaving journey?
    Clear as mud???
    Good luck.



    what do you do when you discover that you missed a few pegs as you start to chain your warp and one wrap is a couple of yards short?  Especially when it’s a multi-colored warp that is following a pattern. YIKES

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