Sectional Warp Beam, stay or remove?

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      June Jackson


        I just picked up a old(1970’s) LeClerc ‘Fanny’ that has a sectional warp beam on it. Would you recommend removing the sectionals?  I do not have a tension box or a warp raddle yet and am wondering which way would be best.

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          Hi June.  At one point in my weaving life, I bought a very old Leclerc Colonial – it had a sectional on it.   I used it for quite a while, but in the end, I removed it because I wasn’t putting on really long warps.  Warping back to front using Jane’s method became the way I’ve warped for years and I don’t regret it.  Sectional warping is the method of choice for many weavers, I found that – for me – warping Jane’s way gets me to my “happy place” quickly.

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            Hello June,
            My only experience with a sectional beam is at my guild where we use it only for a very long or very wide warp, 10 yards or more and for the 100 inch loom. Recently we put on a long colour gamp warp successfully. You will need a tension box and a spool rack.

            I discovered a blog that discusses all the pros and cons of a sectional warp that might interest you.
            Good luck with your decision.

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              Hi June,

              I had a Fanny that came with the sectional and I ended up removing it after trying it a few times. It’s quite simple to remove actually and if you decide to put it back on, you can certainly do so quickly. I did weave long warps on the Fanny without the sectional and do it back to front. I’m actually much faster at dressing a loom without one, practice makes it faster and I like using less tools 😉 I also have an AVL loom that has sectional beams. After dressing this loom with different methods, I decided with the last warp a few weeks ago, that I’m taking all the pegs off of one beam and turning it into my comfortable way of dressing a loom Back to Front.  The sectional doesn’t really require a tension box as there’s a few ways you can do it. I’ve done 3 different methods on my AVL. One way is to make small warps to fit within the sectional pegs and wound each one on it’s own and this doesn’t need the tension box. Time consuming though. I’ve included a link from the Knowledge Base that shows how to do it this way.  That said, you can try it with and without the sectional and see what you like. As Sandra mentions, it’s comes down to a weaver’s preference.


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                The only looms I have owned have sectional beams.  I do not use a tension box and have warped more than 10 yards without a problem.  When I started weaving I put the warp on front to back, but have switched to Jane’s method. The trick is using lashing for the rod that goes through the end of your warp that is the right length to allow the rod to wind on your sectional beam without interfering with the pegs.

                The biggest negative I have found to my sectional isn’t the warping, but using weights like for cramming/denting.  I cannot use a rod across the warp as it gets stuck on the pegs.  I have to weight the loose threads in each section and pay attention when/if they get hung up and don’t hang like they are meant to do.

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                Beth Napper

                  Sandra, you said you removed your sectional beam. If you removed it did you have to buy a new beam to replace it and if so where would you purchase such an item?

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                    Hi, Beth.  I’ve been thinking back into the far reaches of my memory.  The sectional loom that I had was a very experienced Leclerc Colonial Counter-Balance loom back in the early 90’s.  I’m sure I was able to remove the sectional dividers from the warp beam and use it as a regular beam.  I’ve just checked Leclerc’s website and they list a part number for the warp beam on the Fanny. So, I would check with them to see if there is a replacement beam for your loom, if you can’t see a way to remove the dividers..  Good luck and keep me posted, please. 😀

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