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        Just in case you’ve missed it here’s a little video on what’s coming up in 2021 on the JST Online Guild, all about Laces!


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          Adding the release dates & yarns (we have up to episode 5 for your yarn list)

          Episode 1 –  Turned Twill, January 21

          Yarn: 7 cones of 8/2 cotton: 3 cones of Taupe, 2 cones of Gold, 1 cone of Red and one cone of White/Bleached. (12 towels) Jane also used lots of bobbins from her 8/2 stash

          Episode 2 – Canvas Weave, February 25

          Yarn: 2 x 250 gram cones of 16/2 Venne Organic Linen in White, 1 x 100 gram cone of 16/2 Venne Organic Linen in Light Stone Grey (long sample or runner)

          Episode 3 – Huck, April 1

          Yarn: 400 grams of Bambu 7 in Periwinkle (samples and a scarf)

          Episode 4 – Huck Colour & Weave, May 6

          Yarn: 5 cones of 8/2 cotton, 2 Black, 2 White/Bleached and 1 Pale Limette (6 gamps)

          Episode 5 – Swedish Lace, June 10

          Yarn: 2 cones of 8/4 cotton in Nile Green and 1 cone of 8/4 cotton in Denim (long sampler or runner)

          Episode 6 – Bronson Spot, July 15 Yarn: TBA

          Episode 7 – Atwater Bronson Lace, August 19 Yarn: TBA

          Episode 8 – Blended Lace, September 22 Yarn: TBA

          Episode 9 – Huck & Twills, October 28 Yarn: TBA

          Episode 10 – Lace Grande Finale, November 18 

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          Susan Favro

            I’m coming up on my first anniversary studying with Jane. As soon as I started looking at weaving as my main “sport,” I was intrigued with the mechanics of the loom. It seemed like magic to me that so many things could be done with such an ingenious tool. The beauty of Jane’s online guild is that now she is making me into a magician to I can work and understand the magic of the loom. Thanks, Jane! BTW, another thing I’ve noticed studying with Jane is that I now talk to myself more than I used to. The dialog is treadle counting or heddle counting or the “…beater back…” mantra. It’s all good. Again, thanks, Jane.

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            Dayamitra Blenman

              Am soooo looking forward to this season and learning more about lace!! I have done scarves using Huck lace, but am looking forward to learning about more lace techniques. I love lace and this is really something exciting!

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                I’ve always wondered how Jane goes about choosing which yarn will be used for an episode. I have a stash (as most weavers do) and would like to use some of it. For example with the lace weaves this year, are there some yarns that should not be considered due to long floats, being slippery etc. for some of the laces?  Or is it ensuring that for the yarn  chosen the the correct epi / set are determined for the type of cloth you want,

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                  I’m not sure that this is the right place to ask my question but… I’m attempting to do the turned twill lesson. I am using tie up#3 and I am having a lot of difficulty keeping my shuttle from falling through the warp when I throw it for the #2 treadle.
                  When I look at my warp with the treadle 2 activated I am seeing what appear to be smiley faces in the red section and one gold section of the warp. I only notice this with treadle two.  Is this an indication of uneven tension on my warp threads.  Would cutting and re-tieing my warp be a solution?

                  I am working on a Leclerc Colonial loom. Set up for rising shed action.

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