Season 3: Episode 7: Double Width, Double Layers

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    • Weaving wonder

    Hi Jean,

    I would sample with it for sure. You could do the wraps first on a ruler and open it up a tad if you plan on fulling it like we do with the Harrisville Shetland. If you put on a 3 yard warp, 12-15″ wide, that will give you a few good samples to test with and you’ll be able to open up the sett or bring it in closer after you’ve fulled the first sample if it’s not the right sett. How great it is that you’ve been given quite a bit of it! Love those gifts 🙂


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    • Weaving wizard

    I love this episode!  I too am wondering how do you figure out the sett for other fibers in double width?

    thank you!


    Jean Revere
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    • Weaving weeble

    I was given a ton of Harrisville Highland wool which is heavier than Harrisvile Sheltland.  I would like to weave a double layer blanket.  What sett would you recommend? I wove a double width blanket from a kit that used a Big Burly yarn set at 6ep1 (3 per layer). Harrisville Highland is not that chunky.  Suggestions?

    Thank you






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    • Weaving weeble

    Re: the thread that you pulled out and substituted for a slippery one: why don’t you just warp that thread into the mix? or why not just sley one thread instead of two for the fold?

    i’m enjoying all your videos. thanks so much!



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    • Weaving wonder

    I am wondering how hemstitching would be done with the two layers. Is it possible to do them separately while on the loom? Perhaps when I get the loom warped this will become clear to me but at the moment it is holding me back until I can wrap my head around it! Thanks!


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    • Weaving wonder

    Ever wished your loom was wider?  Double Width – Double Layers have arrived!

    Share your samples and ask your questions here.

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