Season 3: Episode 5 – Warp Faced

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    Hi Maureen,

    It’ll be fine to use 2/8 cotton doubled in the heddles. Do post a pic when it’s on the loom! By the way, great way to use up your stash!


    Maureen Janda

    This project uses so little of the peacock and pale limette, just in the warp as far as I can see. Why can’t I ply together two strands of 8/2 in those colors and use that in the warp to save some money???


    Ed Chapman

    Wow. Jane did not let me down. I have looked at warp-faced weaving in Handwoven Magazine patterns for a few years and, well, never wanted to do it. Today I want to rip the warp I have on my loom off and do warp face, like immediately. I am thinking already about how I can use it to clear out some extra cones of yarn and I am sure I will lay in bed tonight thinking about color pairings for the alternating warp threads. Pretty sure my family will be getting placemats for the holiday season 2019……

    Thanks Jane!



    Another adventure begins!  This month we’ll learn the basics of how to plan and weave Warp Faced fabric, and dip our toes into Repp Weave.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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