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    All I would suggest is that you wind the silk onto the bobbin slowly and carefully.  You don’t want it to tangle coming off the large bobbin when you are winding your warp.  Actually, if you are using 20/2 silk and using it for warp – wind 1/2 of the weight of the ball onto 2 cones.  20/2 silk works far more happily as warp if wound 2 threads together, which will work if you have it on 2 bobbins.



    Thank you for responding so fast to my question about winding silk Sandra.  Now that I wound the silk from the skeins into balls, I will have to get them onto the bobbins…. I saw the video and am hoping this goes easy…if there are suggestions to make this an easier process please advise… I think I will put the ball into a large pottery bowl and see what happens…those early episodes need to be watched over and over again… always something to be applied as you go on this journey… thank you



    Annette Beasley

    Thanks Ginette, I’m a big fan of the naturals too, also love the simplicity of it.



    Annette, there’s such a beauty in weaving with natural colour! I’m a huge fan 😉  Your scarf is absolutely beautiful!


    Annette Beasley

    Not quite as exciting as all those who used coloured yarns…Used Henry’s Attic 10/2 warp twist sett at 20epi, thought I’d try something not too expensive from the stash to work on the technique. Selvedges are a bit loopy, maybe I’ll do better at that next time. Definitely want to try this with wool.




    Hi Rita – the answer to your question is right at the beginning of Season 1, right at the beginning of Episode 2.

    Ginette has created and maintains a wonderful index of all the episodes and topics.  You can find it right at the top of the Guild episodes page.  That is one place you can often find the answer to your questions quickly so you can get on with weaving 😉

    For example:  skein – how to wind from skein winder to bobbin  1.2, 0:57

    In my loom room – silk is wound onto the large bobbins and stays there for use as warp and weft.  I tape the little label from the skein onto the top of the bobbin so that I know what kind of silk I have and the colour.



    A bit confused here… Clarification needed before I start to use silk on this scarf…

    I bought silk skeins from JST store and placed it on a yarn swift and made it into a ball… thinking I would then move it from the balls onto my plastic bobbins using it for the weft in this project on scarfs.

    Is this how it is done? or is more correct to place it from the skein unto the cones…. I was given tons of cardboard cones when I got my loom, (never used them) and I am thinking how would I use these cardboard cones?  I have a sectional warp, have not used silk yet for warping or weft.

    Sorry this may be two questions.

    How to move silk skeins  into the correct form for weft? and how to move skeins into a correct form for using for warp?




    All of you are doing such stunning work!  👏👏👏




    This might be my new favorite episode. 20/2 tussah silk warp, 20/2 painted silk weft. 24epi, 22 ppi. Hot iron to bring out the sheen. So much fun to start the year weaving holes in my cloth.


    Ellen Redman

    First time trying this technique and what fun!  8\2 Tencel sett at the dreaded 20epi. I just went for squares. EE950E0C-5262-4F70-8010-6BF721AE7871

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    Good day all.

    Warp is Zephyr wool silk in three colours; 12 ends per stripe slewed at 18 epi.  I wove four scarves, two without horizontal denting for gentlemen and two with horizontal denting for ladies.  One scarf has a black cashmere weft; the others Zephyr.  I had hoped the scarves which were dented in both direction would move more so the dark threads framing the stripes would become curved.  This did not seem to happen.  I washed the scarves by hand.  I believe I may need to process them a bit more but was unsure when to stop.  Would appreciate input on finishing.

    Much Fun and a great way to get the most out of expensive yarns.  This is the total thrums.  I unknotted the knots on the front apron and pulled the header out before making the fringe.  This i what was cut off the warp beam after the fringe was made.




    I’m loving this work with denting. Just finished my first scarf but feel that it would be enhanced by having more plaits of fringe. Is there a way to add more plaited fringe to scarves?


    Ruth Johnson

    This denting is very fun! I did a couple scarves in a fine alpaca/silk blend with some zephyr thrown in here and there. Totally beautiful HOWEVER I found that my selvages were on the “loopy” side. I don’t normally have any problem with selvages as I am firmly in the habit of letting the weft “take what it wants” to avoid draw in. With a more open warp is it necessary to keep extra tension on? I am thinking that is a reasonable fix but it seems a little counter intuitive.



    Beautiful scarf. Good job.



    Congratulations!  It looks wonderful 👏👏👏

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