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    I love seeing everyone’s projects!  They are all very inspiring!  Here are my denting projects:


    ‘The first scarf was woven in pattern in the cotton, the second one was done in cotton without denting in the weft and the last one was done with merino in the weft.  The second one ended up being a bit stiff.  I really like the other two.  They seemed to be kind of crazy while they were being woven , but look great after finishing.





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    Beautiful Janet, that’s quite the transformation of the Parrot colours!! Kudos!




    I used left overs from the Parrot project and love the way it looks!  It was hard for me to get a rhythm though and I tucked and clipped all the little ends, which was a pain – curious to see how it holds up.  I hand washed and tossed in the dryer til it was kind of dry, then ironed.



    Did you somewhat firmly weave your weft sections – in the manner that Jane demonstrates while she is weaving her shawl?  It starts around the 21 minute mark in video 1 of the Denting episode.  I like your shawl the way it is but a review might help if you want to make another one.


    It was used for both warp and weft.



    My guess is that it depends on the silk noil, I’ve had some loosely spun and others tightly spun.  Yours didn’t seem to hold on even when crammed.  It’s a beautiful scarf, though.  Was the silk noil in both the warp and weft?




    I still love it but did I do something wrong?  This is a Silk Noil.  Once washed it seems to have moved a lot.  Not pulling selvages where I did a little cramming.  Is it just the nature of the fiber?




    Hi Debbie,

    Sorry it took me so long to respond. I broke my wrest and had to have surgery.  I hope this doesn’t come too late.

    I added the additional warp yarn by leaving the loom threaded until I was ready to rethread the entire warp.

    Here are the steps I took to add the additional warp:

    1)  I placed the additional warp on a rod with lease stick in place.

    2) Rolled the original warp off the back beam chaining it as I went and using a few choke ties in addition to chaining.

    3) Dividing my original warp into small bundles to keep it from shifting, I wrapped each bundle with thread and tied a knot as close to the rod as possible.

    4) I positioned the additional warp on the rod at the area it needed to be added.  And tied the rod with the new warp onto the rod with the original warp.  Then I wound both warps onto the back beam together making sure to maintain equal tension.

    5) I unthreaded the original warp in small bundles at a time, and used a slip knot to keep each bundle in order.

    6) Working with the bundles from the original warp and the threads from the lease sticks of the new warp,  I managed to have the whole thing rethreaded in no time.




    Thank you Carol…how did you wind the supplementary warp on?




    I did something very similar with my first Denting project.  I put half of each color in my warp chain and didn’t realize something was wrong until I had woven a small sample.  I added the additional yarn as if it were a supplemental warp.  I had to rethread the loom but it was well worth it in the end.  Here are the two samples side by side.  The corrected one is the larger of the two.   Hope this helps!  Carol3F6CC047-29CD-4908-8C26-282171A8732E




    So annoyed with myself!  I just finsihed threading through the warp and thought it looked too narrow!  Realised I hadn’t wound a whole colour of 24 threads!!  Any suggestions?  My thought at the moment is to weave and then put two halves together.




    Everyone’s scarves are so gorgeous; I can’t wait to get my looms out of storage and get started!


    Ellen Black

    Beautiful colors!


    Ellen Black

    They are beautiful !

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