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    Nina Kennedy

    Thanks Ginette – I think I will give these yarns a try!



    Hi Nina,

    I haven’t used any of those yarns you have in your stash, but you should definitely try to use them. Once the Episode airs and get a chance to watch it, it should give you some ideas on EPI for the warp and if you need to have your sett differently for your yarns.



    Nina Kennedy

    I am looking ahead at the yarn for the upcoming episodes  but can’t afford to buy kits for all the episodes so must decide which kits I will buy and how I can use what is in my stash for some of the projects.  For episode 4 (weft faced weave) we will need wool yarn for the weft. I have lots of Borg Tuna yarn and Weaving Southwest 2 ply tapestry yarn.  They do not seem to be the same weight as the Quebecoise yarn in the kit but would either of these yarns be ok as a substitute?


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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