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    Brilliant, Leslie!  Look forward to seeing a photo of your finished shawl.



    A tale of 2 samples from season 2!  The top is my sample for “Parrot”.  The bottom is me running with both “same same” and cramming and denting.  Both are the identical warp, 2/8 cotton, 400 threads, 18epi as per instructions for the first, 32epi, 16epi and 8epi for the second. The math for the second sample was a killer as I tried to get the sections all nice and lined up by both colour and epi, but it made for an interesting cloth.  I’m a little worried about the stability of the crammed and dented cloth, but have decided to go ahead and weave in that style for the rest of the warp to create a big shawl, with the sample pattern on either end.



    Maureen Janda

    I have enjoyed all the classes, but the color ones were the most fun and eye-opening to me. Maybe some day Jane will do another color season or at least a few lessons.



    That’s a great amount of towels from doing the Season 2 episodes! Glad you’re keeping one of each for yourself, they will come in handy when you want to refer to each sample and I think Hamilton loves them!


    Ila McCallum

    I just finished Season 2 and had so much fun weaving towels for our guild sale–27 of them!  I took them in to the guild to ready them for the sale in October and one has already been placed on hold.  Everyone loved them.  The picture shows the samples I saved for myself (my studio helper Hamilton had to get in the picture).

    I have taken many color classes but this series of classes really opened my mind to mixing colors and how color and weave can help a design–this will carry over into my tapestry as well. Thank you!

    IMG_1777 Samples

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