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      Katherine Lee

        Well, the technical gods are not being helpful today and I cannot seem to load a picture of what I wove. However, it made a great impression that I want to share with the guild.

        I recently purchased a used Glimakra Ideal 100 cm countermarch loom, and the muted color gamp was the first warp which I wove. After making many towels and samples, I decided to weave 2/2 twill using some inherited 3/2 yellow cotton. I typically like to weave finer threads and fabric, so this was a challenge. I really was trying to use up the yellow 3/2  cotton so that I knew I hadn’t wasted thread!

        What happened was wonderful! The fabric is thicker and would make an excellent placemat for a table. It is also yellow, and in a great way. Because the entire piece is woven with yellow weft, the yellow looks purposeful and not like an unruly diva! I needed to install a catcher for my loom that would catch my warp sticks as I advanced my warp. The length of this yellow twill piece was just right to be made into a sling catcher. With a little help from my husband on getting two dowel rods cut to length, it now rests below my warp beam and serves to catch and hold my warp sticks.

        Lesson learned? Every piece of weaving can have a purpose and life. Never be afraid of any color. Waste not – want not adage still works!

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          I would love to see this once the technical gods are appeased.  Thanks for sharing. . .

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