Season 2, Episode 2 – More on Division of Space & the Asymmetry Sample

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    Wonderful Jean!  Thank you for posting your samples, so far!  It will be fun to watch everyone’s adventures with Asymmetry and beyond.


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    I’ve been posting to Facebook, Instagram and Ravelry, but completely forgot about this forum because I watch the episodes on my TV via my Fire TV.

    I had the BEST day yesterday.  I treated it as if I was away at a workshop.  Still had to get meals made and let the dogs in/out, lol, but mostly everyone let me just weave.  It takes me a little less than an hour to weave a 32″ towel.  I seem to be stuck on 3rds because that’s all I’ve done so far.  At first I started following the samples Jane showed, but then creativity set in and I just started to wing it.  I got the 1st squares sample done and four towels.  The weaving is “easy breazy” and so much fun.  I haven’t taken anything off the loom yet and wet finished, but I think I am sold on the 18 epi.  I had a couple of issues with the first towel.  Both of the end selvedge threads broke.  I had my tension too tight (which I often do) and after I loosened up, no troubles at all.

    Here is some of yesterday’s progress.IMG_20180208_121650_346




    Terry Lynn Carefoot
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    This is amazing.  Need the work day to be done so I can go home and play.

    Terry Lynn Carefoot



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    First sample, sett too close, 8 ends per cm. Now changed it to 7 cm which comes very close to 18 epi. But had to sley 2-2-3 through  the reed, which is very visible, but anyhow, it’s a two, so fibonachi will be happy. Next one with 6 ends per cm = 15,24 epi. Just so happy trying and weaving again! JacquelineProef1_1s




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    Triumphs, questions, comments and excitement with new discoveries – let us know!  Also, a place for sharing our woven Asymmetry samples 🙂


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