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      Gerri Barosso

        When referring to “merino” and “alpaca” what weights are these yarns?

        I know in 4.1 about cotton setts, Jane eyeballed to yarns are similar. Is that what was being done to choose these yarns?

        On the master sett chart, weights are missing for some, like cashmere in addition to alpaca. I didn’t see anything for merino.

        I tried searching the forums but didn’t find the answer. After about 5 pages, my browser froze and wouldn’t load more search result pages.


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          Hi Gerri, I just looked in The JST shop to check the yarns that Jane carries. She carries 18/2 merino – Sett: Plain Weave: 18-20 epi; Twill: 22-26 epi. The 26/2 cashmere is Sett: Plain Weave: 18 – 22 epi; Twill: 20-24 epi.

          The sett for alpaca doesn’t show in the shop, but they vary greatly depending on source. Your best bet for that would be winding a ruler with the alpaca you want to use. Hope this helps.

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            Gerri Barosso

              Thanks! I thought it might be that only items in the shop are in the master sett chart.

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