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        OK, I think I am probably being dense, but I have searched this site for this info for 45 minutes, and while I learned a lot of cool stuff I never found this:

        When you slip the loop over the warp rod, aren’t the first end/group of ends, and, last end/group of ends, going to be left out?

        Am I supposed to slip the knot over?  I saw her do that with the one end but she never addressed the other end. But my last ends don’t have a knot…I just whipped it around a few times.  Was I supposed to make one?


        And, um. what if I already removed the knots I did have and trimmed those first and last little buggers to the same length….?


        ooh, if I had started at the bottom there would be a loop at the cross end., wouldn’t there?  I have watched these SO MANY times and now I wonder if that’s what she does.  I always just start at the top because it’s at the top….


        I have been weaving for about 5 years and every time I still make some weird mistake when warping.  Though I’m proud to say it is usually a new one! Even though I have subscribed to this guild for all 3 years, I have never done one of her exact projects and I have always warped front to back, but would finally like to try Jane’s way because she makes it look so easy, so here I am back at the beginning season!

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          I’m sorry, Laurarose – I just can’t get a picture in my mind of what you describe.  If you start and end your warp at the opposite end of where your cross will be, and tie your change in colours together at one end or the other, you shouldn’t have any loops at the cross end.  You should easily be able to slip in your warp rod.  You will have two at the opposite end, where you secured your warp as you start and finish winding.

          Can you take a photo so we can see what you are describing?

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            Sandra you answered the question even though I wasn’t clear! Good job.  I also just re-re-rewatched Jane winding a warp and that helped too.  I had started at my cross end AND  was not tying the color changes, just looping them around.


            Now I will start at the non-cross end AND I will knot my changes at the very edge of the peg.  Seems kind of obvious now that I think about it, but there are SO Many things to keep remembering in this crazy process.  Luckily I rather enjoy problem solving and there is this great forum.

            Thanks for your quick reply!

            Yea!  Off to my studio!

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              Hi Laurorose,

              Let me give this a try. If you are winding an even number of ends, you will end where you started. I would start at the bottom and end there to avoid having a loop at the cross end where the rod can sometimes miss it. I presume your reference to knots is for a colour change. If you just wound the end around the dowel a few times to secure it, of course that end will be longer than the ones that looped around the dowel so just trim it to the same length as the others. As for the knots, after you have wound the warp onto the warp beam (back to front system) at some point you will want to cut the loops at the front end. Feel free to trim the knots because you don’t want them interfering with your tie on knots. Clear as mud? BTW if you are winding a warp of an uneven number, My preference is to start at the top with a very long loop so that I can target it more easily when slipping the warp onto the rod.

              Good luck with back to front. Practise, practise, practise.


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