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        What is the best loom for rep weaving table linens, when you have limited space? Given all the ends and tight tension, is the Jane loom a good choice or a smaller floor loom and which one?

        Also, I’ve seen instructions on traditional Rep Weaving and 40epi but also a new way with only 25-30 and using thicker rags for warp for a hybrid effect. What are your thoughts on rep weaving?

        thanks so much

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          Heidi, I love my Jane table loom on a stand. But I wouldn’t get a firm rep weave on it. Or on any table loom that I have seen. My friend has a Gilmore workshop loom, a stout floor loom on wheels. Made in California, I think. She’s used it in a Jason Collingwood rug class and her tension was tight enough for rugs, so it should stand up to table linen rep weave for years.    Called the Gem II.  22″ weaving width, but it’s 52 pounds. Easy enough to wheel around.  Hard to lift single-handed into your car to travel.

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