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      Sue Anne Sullivan

        Is it best practice to release the warp tension when leaving the loom after a weaving session? Every so often I see that advice in articles, the most recent being in the current Handwoven magazine. Does this practice reduce warp thread breakage?

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          Hi Sue Anne – your question is another one where the answer falls into the category – one way isn’t right or wrong – just a matter of personal opinion and practice.  I guess if I were planning to walk away from my loom for a month, I might release the brake.  However, if I step away from my loom, planning to back the next day or so – personally, I don’t release the brake.  JMHO 😉

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          Sue Anne Sullivan

            Thanks, Sandra! I am weaving with Bombyx silk for the first time and am finding that it is fuzzing and abrading quite a bit, so am being extra cautious with the warp. 🙂

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