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        If the louet raddle sections are 5 cm to the inch, do I put 8 ends per section in a 40 epi warp of 512 ends?

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          Hi Betty,

          Another resource that is available to everyone is Jane’s Helpline that you can find a link to on JST’s main website.  There are questions and Jane’s answers that have been collected and put in the Helpline over a number of years.  It’s an amazing “first stop” resource.

          A search for “raddle” brought up a number of questions that have been asked – including the answer to your question.  https://janestaffordtextiles.com/faq/metric-versus-imperial-reeds-and-raddles/

          Hope this helps!

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          Sasha Adams

            My question regards ‘not spitting up families’. I have a chain of 4 ends of rayon chenille to try and spread along the raddle of my Spring loom. Am I right in thinking that I should use three sets of four ends (12 ends per inch) and leave a space between each in the 5 raddle space? Does this make sense to anyone? I spent a lot of the early morning sleep going over and over it in my head to try to figure out what to do without splitting the ‘families’ up. TIA

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                Hi Sasha, I’ve had to do something similar to accommodate my multiple threads and to keep them together.   If I recall, I had at least one empty dent per inch on my David raddle.  I think your thoughts on leaving an empty space in between each set of 4 threads will be ok.   It’s better to keep those 4 threads together.



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                Hi Kids,

                This may be the perfect time to cover the Louet raddle and use a home made raddle.  I always found that stuffing ends of chenille into the Louet raddle put too much tension on the warp as it was wound on.  I always clamped a wider raddle over top….like I do right at the beginning of lesson one.


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