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        This is probably a silly question.  I am hemming my last 2 sets of guild samples (12 towels) and I have allowed too much length for the hem.  Instead of Jane’s recommended one inch allowance, I have left 2″.  I cut off the excess and have turned them under, pinned and I am ready to hem.  My question-do I need to zig zag the turned under part again since I cut off the excess which included the zig zag stitch.  With repeated washings will the ends unravel under the turned hem?  (I am hand hemming  all of the towels.)

        Thanks for the advice,

        Barbara Z

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          I would Barbara, it will make it all more secure 🙂

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            Thanks so much!


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              I wove a run of tea towels from the muted color gamp threading. 17 different towels off this gamp run, hems pressed but I am not liking any color that I use to stitch hem because of the color range across the towel.  I want to machine stitch hem to make them more durable for our annual guild sale.  I am thinking of using invisible thread but am concerned about how durable it will be in dish towels that get heavy use and are dried in clothes dryer.  Does any one have a suggestion on what they did or what might work for me?  The picture is not very good but shows the color ranges I am working with the light dividing column an off white.  All of the towels Thank you and I welcome any suggestions.

              muted gamp towels

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