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      Sue Anne Sullivan

        Hi, I am following a four-shaft color-and-weave draft for a towel and it calls for the treadles to be tied up like this:

        Treadle 1- 1,3; Treadle 2- 1,4; Treadle 3- 2,3; Treadle 4- 2,4; Treadle 5- 1,3; Treadle 6- 2,4

        The treadling order for the main part of the towel is 1-2-3-4 then ending on 1-2. But the beginning and ending hems are done in tabby, using treadles 5-6.

        I can’t figure out why I would tie up two more treadles (5 and 6) rather than just use treadles 1 and 4? They are tied to the same shafts?

        I am a new weaver. Am I missing some basic understanding here?

        Thanks in advance for any help anyone can provide- Sue Anne


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          I think sometimes pattern weavers are used to putting the tabby on the last or first shafts.

          But I’m with you and would just use shafts 1 & 4 for tabby and skip  shafts 5&6.

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