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      Gerri Barosso

        Good morning!

        I am weaving from a magazine project, so I assume others have achieved this. Contacted the designer. Her advice was to change sheds and then beat on an open shed. That didn’t change anything for me.

        Baby blanket, 8/2 cotton, 30 epi, 24 ppi, 10 dent reed, 34 inch width on my Spring 90cm

        I can not get my ppt above 18 with regular technique. Got to 21 by beating twice before changing the shed. I have loosen the warp tension some. I am advancing after 2in. For 21, I open a shed, throw with a steep angle, beat, beat again, change shed before pushing beater back.

        I’m not banging the beater as hard as possible. That just doesn’t seem good for the loom but is that what I need to do?

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          What structure are you weaving, Gerri?  That sett seems too dense for either Plain Weave or Twill.  Jane recommends much more open setts for both those structures on her Master Sett Chart.

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