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        I thought I was super careful in winding the warp, paying attention to even hand tension, thread placement on the pegs, etc. I did notice that when warping with 8/2, I was not always able to keep the threads from overlapping but when I saw an overlap, I fixed it.

        thought  I made a satisfactory chain, though I never feel confident in chaining..  When I went to warp, tension problems were apparent because there were some threads that looked looser than others early on. My warping helper held the tension tight and mimicked Jane’s actions (the flick and strum of the warp).  By the time we were to the end, there was at least 1.5 inches difference between the threads.  I even them out with the scissors and will tie on tomorrow.

        Any ideas what I did wrong? Any suggestions to prevent it next time?  BTW, this is the first time I have wound a 6 yard warp–everything else has been closer to 3 yards or shorter.

        As always, thanks for input and help.


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          Hi jfranzak,

          It sounds like your warp went on the loom with a good even tension and you probably won’t have any issues when you’re weaving.  You caught those loose threads early on when dressing your loom so that is great.  Scissors can be so satisfying in make everybody even! 🙂

          The extra longer threads were most likely from when you made the warp.  It looks like you’re being careful when making your warp and paying attention to any possible issues. The more we make warps the better they get. Enjoy weaving the Parrot sample!

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            Thanks, Ginette.  Funny, I thought scissors were a bad thing to have to use! I am learning so much. Judi

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