Online guild… will the episodes ever be available for download?

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        It would be great if I can reduce my data use and be able to take it with me

        like on a plane. (It’s getting harder to knit with the smaller seats.)

        I’d be willing to pay it bit more.

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          Hi Nc345 – were you able to “attend” Jane’s first Online Guild meeting?  😉   The first part of Episode 5 was our first “Guild Meeting” and Jane explained how the idea of an online guild grew in her mind and how she has set it up along the lines of a bricks and mortar guild.  Think along the lines of a library – whether it’s a guild library or a public one.  You join the guild/library and as a member, you can borrow any book you want.  However, the books aren’t yours and must be put back on the shelf after you’ve used them.  As a member, you have access to every book in the library.

          So, the answer to your question is no, you will not be able to download the episodes to keep on your personal devices, anymore than you would go into your library and photocopy a whole book to keep as your reference.

          As Jane explained to us – all the episodes will be there for us to access, no matter when we join the JST Online Guild and will be there for us as long as we are active members.

          I hope this answers your question – a bit of a wordy answer but your question might help others who are thinking of joining the guild and wondering about access to the episodes.



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            Thank you Fiberlady for the post.  I am still on episode 1 and summoning up the courage to unwind my yarn.

            i will jump forward to 5.

            thanks again.


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