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      Robin Nixon

        Warping back to front was a very new method for me. I changed my looms so I could try this. It worked very well. I did learn to take more time winding my warp as my first warp was a horoscope tea towel with twelve colours. I also need to remember to tie the cross or I will end up with a mess. My third attempt at warping and winding on back to front worked very well. It is also a lot faster with many colours. Thanks Jane.

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          I’m so happy that you discovered how wonderful warping Back to Front can be, Robin.  I hope you don’t mind, but I changed your title to reflect this particular style of warping so that if others have comments or questions they can add it to your thread.

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            I am overjoyed with this guild!!! Thank you so very much Jane!  I managed to warp my standard Glimakra back to front
            for the first time (3 years of front to back the way I learned)   I figured out some things with Weavolution and now
            I can do this, better the next time, but it worked! and I figured out ways to do the raddle behind and the next time
            won’t have to untie ever

            ything  (the bottom lamm tie ups) the way they tell you to on a Glimakra. I found one instruction that had the raddle on
            the back beam and the lease sticks to the back under them. Did this and it was a little tricky getting things caught on the
            back. Then I found a pdf. (free) by Louise French. She winds the warp tying a bow around each 1″ of the warp by the cross.
            This way you can lift each section from the raddle to the apron bar behind and keep the cross lease sticks in front where
            it is really easy to thread. I took off my front beam and got right up close to the heddles and instead of hating warping
            it was fun!!! I have a beautiful shed and the warp is even.  I paused the tape at each section and relearned all the parts
            right when I need them. Can’t thank you enough Jane.  Ps been telling everyone in my guild about this guild and I think
            a few others have joined.

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                Hi Cynthia,

                I too have a Glimakra (Countermarch) and am helping a studio assemble a Glimakra Counterbalance loom. Where do you put the raddle on your Glimakra? And where can I find this pdf from Louise French? I have been tying my raddle onto the back beam but I’d like to move it in front of the cross sticks the way Jane does in her videos.





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                I too am so happy with the back to front weaving! Years of struggling with front to back left me feeling like there had to be a better way!  So happy with Jane’s tutorials so far also!😊

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                  How do  you warp from the back with a LeClerc Colonial loom?  ie; where do you put the raddle?  In the front beater???

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                      Hi Anita,

                      I have a dobby loom and have been warping back to front on it lately.  It’s a huge framed loom like your colonial.  I secured the raddle on the harnesses with clamps.  Here’s a picture, not the greatest to see the raddle but should give you an idea.  Where you see the blue rubber bands, that’s where the raddle is.



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                      Hi Anita, the best thing you could do before you tackle back to front dressing of your loom is to go back and watch Episode 2:2 where Jane talks about adding the raddle to looms other than Louet looms.  It would hurt as a refresher to watch it again – I still find I pick up bits and pieces that I had forgotten or just never realized 😉  Let us know how you make out – that loom is a big one!

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