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      Cynthia Standley

        Hi all,

        I just attached my 5 yard warp to the apron (back to front). It’s going well but I discovered I added an extra 12 threads (in a row) in the middle of the warp which is striped but they are the same color. Obviously can’t cut them since the warp is a loop, or can I? Do I just wind them on and then not thread them when the time comes? This is my first warp that long and I did 4 bouts. I have other errors so I’m anxious about making a big mess of tangles. Thanks

        Cynthia 🙂

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          I would wind the warp on and do as you suggested – just not thread them.  You will save your warp but will have to carefully watch it as you come to the end.  Once it is no longer supported by the layers of thread and paper, the two ends on either side of the segment you are removing will not be secure.  You will have to watch for them, pull them free and add a weight to them both.  Does this make sense?

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