Need help warping with multiple threads!

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        Hi there, am on my 3rd project EVER and have watched again and again the episodes in Season 1 where Jane is warping on a board on a wall with 2 threads…can’t remember is there one where she uses more?  I remember her mentioning it.

        Here’s the thing:  I did 2 threads no problem on my very first project, though I did twist the yarn below my hand a few times.  3 is near killing me, and I wonder what my problem is.  Is there video of a hand manipulating 3 or more threads to warp on a warping board?  Is it dumb to try to do more than 2 this soon in my weaving career?  I am in the process of doing 5 warp chains for a blanket and already have fumbled through 2 of those chains with 3 threads in hand.  My 3rd landed me with ugly yarn snarls on my self wound cones…your soonest help possible deeply appreciated!

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          Hi Leslie,

          Jane does show how to warp with more than one thread in Season 1, Episode 1.3 – Multiple Ends in Your Warp and Wider Warps on a Warping Board.

          Also, there’s a picture on the forum on how to hold the threads in your hand, half way down the page

          It just takes practice to use more than 2 and it’s never too early to try it out 🙂

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