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        Hi….I’m hoping there’s someone who may have the same problem I have or have an idea how to remedy my issue. I own an Ashford Jack. I do love it with one exception. The heddles in the shafts fit on metal rods inside the shaft itself. So to support the rods, it has two hooks in the middle of the shaft  on the top/bottom that hold the rods so they don’t bow.

        This makes it a bit of a pain when threading the heddles. I’m left handed so I thread left to right in the manner that Jane taught us. The difficulty occurs because I can’t slide the heddles from one side to the other because of the hooks in the middle. So as I’m threading left to right, when I get near the middle of the shaft where the hooks are, I have to cram the heddles to one side to finish threading. Then when I get to the other side of the hooks I have no problem since I’m moving away from the hook dividers.

        I am trying a  method with 4 shafts in which I removed the hooks. It makes threading the heddles soooo much easier and so much more tidier. I don’t get cramped as I approach the hooks. However the heddles are a bit looser without the hooks in the middle lifting the rod. But I still get a shed.

        Does anyone have any recommendation of replacing the hooks in the middle with some other method? I’ve thought about looking for heddles that would fit “over” the entire shaft. Two concerns for me is if I can get the opening of the heddles to still line up in the center of the shaft. And there’s not much space between the shafts. I am concerned they may catch with each other as the shafts move up and down.

        I’ve only had this loom for a year and it looks so beautiful. I been looking at the Louet David. It has a few upgrades that look super nice. But not sure how to sell a loom if I did buy another new one and having 2 looms is a little over kill for me! :))

        Thanks for any assistance you can provide!


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          Hi Rooneymt,
          I don’t have your loom but the Leclerc Jack looms that I have, have a snap to enclose the heddle rod in the centre of the shaft. P presume this would be equivilent to your hook. When I am threading, I release the snap so that the heddles can ride to either side of centre. After I finish threading, I snap the the metal rods back into their holder at the centre of the warp. Can you unhook your rods while you are threading to give your heddles freedom, and hook them up again when you finish, to give the rods the support they need? Or at least unhook when you start getting crammed and rehook when you are past the centre.

          Not sure if this will work for you but worth a try.

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            Hi Sylvia…..thanks so much for the suggestion!

            I think I will have to give that a try. There’s two reason I hadn’t tried it yet. The first is when I release the bar from the hook, it’s a tight fit between the hook and bar. So while the heddles won’t slide freely between them, I can make it work.

            The only thing that does concern me is my hooks go through the frame of the shaft and has these little metal caps that snap on the end of the hook. When I’ve tried lifting the rod from the hooks in the past some of those caps pop off.

            But I don’t know what else to do other than give it a try and if the caps pop off hope it somewhat helps to keep the heddles tight.

            On your loom do you have snaps on both the top and bottom bar? I wonder why manufacturers designed them this way? It’d be soooo much simpler if they went over the shaft.

            Thanks again for the suggestion and hope you’re having a wonderful day!!!


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            Melissa Bishop

              I have a Schacht Baby Wolf jack loom. My shafts are held in place with “j” hooks. If I push the heddles away from the center, I can easily pop the bars out of the J hooks and move heddles as needed. Once I am done threading, I pop the bars back into the hooks. What a massive relief this was as before I was in a panic about knowing exactly how many heddles I’d need on each side of that hook. To further my frustrations, the hook is not dead center, so my first few projects were kind of skewed because a section of warp had to play leap frog around the hook.

              Not sure if this will help you or not.

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                  I also have a LeClerc loom with the same divider in the middle. I just divide the warp in half and thread starting at the middle going left to right on the right side and then right to left on the left side.

                  I have about half the heddles on each shaft and since they are hard to move around, I’ve found starting in the middle and working my way out to each end works great.

                  Hope that helps,

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