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        Hope everyone is safe and well!

        Every sample is a learning experience…right?  arghhh!   This one is about the cross at the lease stick side.  It appears that I goofed while winding my warp in one section of my stripe sample.  I don’t have a cross.  About 20 threads doubles over the lease sticks instead of crossing. I forgot to go under where I should have gone over on the warp.

        I didn’t notice when I was spreading the threads onto the raddle but now that I am about to wind it up onto the back beam, I see it.

        What should I do?  Will this become a threading disaster?


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          Luckily, 20 ends isn’t the end of the world. Can you kind of see any order in the section that’s not in the cross? If so, go into that section and pick them up with a knitting needle or chopstick, something that will let you pick up every second thread. With two long sticks, put them in to hold the cross on the rest of the warp, picking up the missed threads as you go. Then, take your lease sticks out – leaving the other stick in, and slip it back into hold your now complete cross. You might have to give that section a little extra care as you beam on but it is so narrow it shouldn’t be anywhere near a nightmare. 🙂

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            Thanks Sandra, I will give it try!


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