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        Started weaving the Michelle’s Zephyr Scarf kit. I was wondering why it din’t include a selvedge thread  in the directions for a twill pattern? It’s a Twill pattern and as I’m weaving the selvedge is uneven. With it being a kit your given only enough yarn to make the scarfs,  no extra for checking pattern tie-up and  beating the ppl. So for a 10″ wide scarf using a 12 dpi reed double slayed, I wound the correct 240 threads as the directions instructed and threaded the 240 heddles as instructed. But shouldn’t it have been 242 or 244 threads wound for a 10″ scarf?

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          Michelle’s scarf is so beautiful and soft! I just wove it a few months back. You could add a floating selvedge if you prefer but I didn’t and the scarve is just fine with the selvedges. It’s a matter of preference.  If you’ve woven one already, your second one, you could add a floater on each side and have them weighted at the back.

          You will have extra left on the cones actually. The kits usually leave you with extra yarn and then that’s when you mix and match and try out new designs 🙂 Just looked at my cones and plenty left to not worry about adding floaters.

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