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      Elizabeth Crawley

        There is a group of weavers that get together every-other-month to explore a new weave structure or weave with a specific fiber.  The method we used to keep track of measuring our warps came up the other day.  Someone commented that they took a small bit of tension off their warp when they measured.  I had not done that before.  So, as I wove along, it came time to measure.  The difference from measuring under tension and measuring with a bit of tension taken off the warp was 1/3 inch.  That adds up during the course of the project.  Please note that when I say I took off some tension, there was still tension on the warp-it was not sagging, just not as taunt as it would be while I was weaving.   So, any comments on measuring with tension on the warp or measuring without total tension on the warp?

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          Hi Elizabeth,
          To be truly accurate you do need to release tension a bit while measuring. You got the answer by testing it out… testing and comparing is the way to go.

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