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      Nina Kennedy

        I was not sure if this is the place to ask this question but I was checking Jane’s Master Sett Chart and could not find anything for 8/2 wool (as in Jaggerspun Maine Line wool). Any ideas on a good sett for weaving a twill color and weave “Pinwheel” pattern in 8/2 wool in a tight weave for weaving fabric for a tote? I am thinking 24 epi might be a good place to start sampling but wondered if Jane may have already figured this out!

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          Jane mostly weaves with the yarns in the Studio, and those are the yarns she sells.  They are also the ones that she has in her Master Sett Chart.  Her recommendations in the Chart are from years of weaving, so she knows that those setts will work when we use those specific yarns using those setts.  Since wool in 8/2 Jaggerspun Maine Line is not one of those yarns, it’s time to get the ruler out, start winding and reviewing Season 1: Episode 4 – Let’s Have a Little Chat About Sett?  😉

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