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        Hi! I’m shopping for a floor loom and the Louet David checks all the boxes, on paper. I don’t have access to one to try.  Any suggestions or recommendations? Also curious the ideal height match for this loom.  I’m 5’6”. Thank you 🙏

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          Sheila, you’ll never regret choosing a David loom!  The tie-ups are easy and it’s a dream to weave on – I love mine and I’m 5’4” (and shrinking 😉

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            I just bought a David.  And I am very pleased.  I really like the beater bar action.  I don’t feel the hesitation others mention when stepping on treadles.  The tie up is fine.  Actually I don’t find it as easy as my Schacht because if I don’t tie up in the right order I cannot get my fingers in between the treadles to access the screws.  So if someone has a trick for that I’d love to hear it.  Also, be aware the treadles are very close together.  I have a long but narrow foot so they are ok.  But if I had a wide foot it might be problematic.  I definitely cannot wear anything other than socks when I weave on it.   I love the fact that the shafts are so light. I am having some difficulty getting them to all align with each other.  I have read everything on various sites and continue to play around with the various cord length options.

            So those are my pros and a few cons.  bottom line I think you will be pleased.  I am tall 5’10”.  It feels very comfortable to me.  I have the 90cm.

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