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    • Weaving wonder

    Great idea, Kathleen. I see you have written a mini bio under your profile where Guild members can find out a bit about you. I’ve done that as well and the following is what I’ve written about myself.

    I’ve been weaving for over 20 years but only started to feel confident and creative as a weaver after Jane Stafford came into my life! I have an 8 shaft Louet David loom as well as a Woolhouse 12 shaft table loom. I love dyeing, knitting and reading about textiles around the world. My Ravelry name is Fibrelady and I’m Warpnweft as moderator for the JST Ravelry Group. I live in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

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    Kathleen McDonald
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    • Weaving wonder

    Hi everyone – whenever I have done online classes, or joined a group we have often done introductions for other members. It makes us feel like a community even though we live miles apart. How do you feel about maybe stating your name and a general indication of where you are from, and relevant to this Guild, other fiber activities you engage in? and maybe how long you have been weaving? other weaving facts?
    I’ll start – I’m Kathleen McDonald (St Udent on FB weaving sites)and I live in Victoria, BC. I am the Victoria Handweavers and Spinner Guild’s librarian. As well as being a weaver, I also attempt spinning, some felting and sewing. I have been a weaver since the late ’70s when a friend showed me his mother’s Dorothy type loom saying he thought I might like it as I liked fiber and I seemed to be mechanical in nature! Little did he know the passion would last a lifetime.


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    • Weaving wonder

    I’ve been wearing my propeller hat and looking at the viewing statistics for guild members around the world. It looks like every continent is represented with one exception – come on Antarctica, you’re letting the team down.

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