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    Ed Chapman

    I just saw Jane’s Map and there is no pin on Washington DC! I have been a member going on two years now and LOVE the structure, format and logic Jane so skillfully shares. I started out weaving on a rigid heddle loom 4 years ago and moved on to a table loom then bought a Louet Spring from Jane. Having a wonderful time exploring color, weave structures and design. Its a great hobby!




    I am Judi from the Eastern Shore of Maryland.  My holiday/birthday present this year was a Baby Wolf 4 shaft loom to launch me into the world of floor looms. I have woven on a rigid heddle for a year or so. I am a newbie to weaving but having been playing with color and shape for awhile through other media.  I am loving what I am learning here!


    Dee Dee

    Hi WoolTherapy,

    I downloaded all the PDFs onto my iPad and have them in an app called GoodNotes. I created a guild notebook, and added all the PDFs into it. The super cool thing is that I’m able to make annotations straight onto the PDF handouts (i ❤️ my Apple Pencil!), as well as add my own pages of notes/sketches.  The app I’m using also has great search function so I don’t have to page through to find what I’m looking for. It even recognizes my hand writing if I write legibly! And my notes are all in one place as well as up in the Cloud so that I can access them on my computer, my iPad, or on my phone—super bonus! I sound like an ad, but I’m not. 😊 I’ve been working on organization and trying to go paperless for the past few months, and this is just a great tool that has been working for me.



    Hello WoolTherapy,

    I have printed everything and have placed all in binders.  Also, have taken my own notes and typed, printed and inserted them with tabs.  I know, I’m over organized.  However, I don’t weave in winter while here in Mazatlan for 6 months.  I make all copies here as it’s very inexpensive to do. I also plan projects and add them to the list of 50 or more that I’d like to make one day.

    Jane mentioned an app. iweaveit , so I purchased it and have had tons of fun designing stuff.  It is so cool.  Of coarse I have all of Jane’s inspiration from her videos to feed on.




    Hey everyone! I decided 2019 was the year to be technical and LEARN. Dig deep into my weaving and understand it… not just do it. So, here I am.



    An aside note, has anyone gone so far as to print EVERYTHING. Like all the notes, and make a folder? Hello staples or office max?



    Hi Shiela, that’s my old neck of the woods and where my loom came from too! So nice to “meet” you here.



    Hi everyone! My name is Sheila and I live in Courtenay B.C., just a stone’s throw up Vancouver Island from Jane! I have been weaving for only 9 months. I was gifted a 4 shaft Woolhouse table loom (with stand and treadles)  from my work team when I retired.  BEST GIFT EVER! And then I gifted myself this on-line guild! ANOTHER BEST GIFT EVER!!



    My name is Jeanne and live a quiet valley in the quiet rural corner of eastern Connecticut.  I am really impressed and enjoying this guild.  Looking forward to absorbing  and learning so much at a reasonable pace.    I appreciate all the effort put into this.  What a wonderful resource for all fiber enthusiasts!

    I have been weaving for many years and guilds are not close by.  I have small looms, table looms to a large LeClerc Colonial, counter balance looms and now  an 8 shaft jack loom.  Weaving is so diversified that thus far I have merely skimmed the surface and probably need a few lifetimes to accomplish all I wish to do.  Presently, I cannot think of a better way to encourage my passion than through JST.




    My name is Lee and live in Ontario, Canada. I have just purchased a 1983 Leclerc 4 shaft loom. I am excited to learn how to weave on it! Finding Jane’s online guild has been amazing! I am trying to figure out how to upload my profile picture.





    Hi. My name is Chloé. I live in France and I produce wool and mohair by raising sheep and Angora goats. I spin dye knit crochet… And one day Somebody gives me a floor loom and I jump in this art! I love to weave so much since one year. I have learned so much here  Thank you



    Hello from Minnesota. I have completed the lst season and am into the 2nd season. Enjoying the lessons. Plan to come to Vancouver and visit your shop in June of 2019. Should be a great experience!



    I am responding to ursula from Germany.  She says she weaves on an old Leclerc Artisat and is having trouble getting a good shed.  I have exactly the same problem with the same loom …. I bought it second hand and after cleaning it up and refurbishing started weaving only to find that it is really hard to make a shed.  it is almost like i have to ‘double-clutch”.  Any help, comments?



    Hi, my name is Ursula and I live in Germany. I am weaving for only two years and still have a lot to learn. I weave on an old Leclerc Artisat which has back hindge threadles and I’m allways fighting for a good shed. I’m looking forward to get some tipps.



    Hi I’m Cheryl from Ontario Canada. I’ve just joined and I’m so excited to learn more about weaving. I have 3 floor looms, several spinning wheels and lots of wool and fibre, all things that I love. I have a little experience with weaving  and I’m a OHS spinning certificate grad. (2009.) I’ve been watching Janes video’s non-stop the last few days and I’m so excited and learning so much already. Looking forward to a great year.



    Hello I am Jutta and live in Tasmania an Island south of mainland Australia.

    I weave for 30 years still so much to learn. Jane gave me already a new outlook. I am so happy to joined the guild and have this opportunity. Thank you Jane

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