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    I’m Cindy and I live in Michigan near Detroit.  I started weaving around 1980 I have been weaving on and off throughout the years and have acquired many looms.  Currently I own a 16 Harness AVL mechanical dobby, a pre-AVL 12 shaft mechanical dobby, an 8 harness baby wolf, a Jane table loom, a 4 harness Norwood loom, a handmade 4 harness counterbalance loom and a 4 harness Cromaine loom made in Heartland Michigan.  I am currently the Vice-President of the Michigan League of Handweavers.  Now that I am retired I have more time to weave and use these many looms.

    Hey Sandra, we met on Bonesmart when we both had our knees replaced back in 2015.  Hope you are doing well.



    I’m Joan and I hail from southeast Michigan, USA. I learned to weave and spin in 1999. Opened a brick and mortar store in 2000 (Heritage Spinning and Weaving) and haven’t looked back. I’ve been to Jane’s three times for classes and once to become one of the first Louet Certified Dealers. I teach weaving in my shop and in our region at festivals and conferences. I enjoy all parts of weaving, just wish I had more time. My special weaving interests are historical and Norwegian weaving — one of these days I will make the overshot coverlet of my dreams. I also am a bit passionate about inkle weaving. In my “Spare Time,” I am a volunteer “Textile Specialist” at The Henry Ford Museum in the Textile Conservation lab. I have been going there one day a week for over four years and love the work and the honor of helping preserve our history.



    My name is Amanda and my interests are… eclectic. True to my ISTJ nature, I get obsessive about something until the next shiny thing comes along. Interests rarely truly die (that category includes sewing reenactment costumes, crochet and drawing) but instead cycle as my interest is recaptured. Therefore I knit very well, spin decently, weave poorly, and am fascinated by but have not made a genuine attempt at bobbin lace. (But I own the accoutrements!)

    I am also a language geek with only the time on my hands to devote to one new language at a time. I consider myself passing conversational in French, and I have dabbled briefly in Japanese, Welsh, Dutch and German. Those are my bucket list languages at this point.  Arabic and Russian are somewhere in my future too, I have no doubt. I am a student of computer science and I hope to make a career out of the joint pursuit of language and computer science in the field of natural language processing.

    I cannot in all honesty stop there: I also enjoy a small fountain pen hobby, and I consider spoiling my cat to be a hobby as well. My fiancé joins me on this last one in particular — a wonderful man whose favorite socks are handspun, who insisted on wearing a faded handknit sweater to Thanksgiving, and won’t take off his fingerless mitts from December to April.

    My loom and partner on this weaving journey is a 30 year old Bergå Ullman 60″ wide, 12 shaft, 14 treadle countermarche that is in a state of functional restoration. She has been sadly neglected over the past decade at least (no information of her original owner, I believe I am the fourth) and it is my intention to see her at work at long last.

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    Hi, my name is Gail.  I live in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Several of my knitting friends also weave, and I took a weekend beginning weaving class in 2014 to try it out.  I got a Louet Jane table loom about a year ago.  So far I’ve only made a sampler and a scarf on it, but it’s on to dishtowels in 2017.  I’ve been an avid knitter for 40 years (ripple on Ravelry) .  I used to sew, quilt, cross-stitch, needlepoint, and embroider, but gave them all up for more knitting time.  Spinning is another  new-to-me hobby, but it’s not sticking yet.  Weaving is fascinating, and the online guild is a great way for me to learn more.


    Regina Noble

    Hi everyone, I’m Regina.  I live in Northern Virginia in the US.  I have been weaving for about 4 years (rigid heddle) but have only had my floor loom for about a year or so.  I took a beginning weaving class with Tom Knisely in Pennsylvania – as well as a few other classes – and have really become addicted to weaving over all other fiber activities.  I tend to jump into projects that are sometimes over my head, so my focus this year is to back up a bit and really work on perfecting the basic skills…perfect timing for the online Guild!




    I live in Merritt, BC and have been weaving for about 3 years.  I enjoy learning about weaving, it seams every time I read a book or watch a video I pick up one more thing that helps me to understand this craft a little more.  I also enjoy learning more about the history of weaving….so much to learn.

    I weave in the winter months a lot and rarely in the summer as work, gardening and beekeeping keep me busy.  So I am always happy to be snug in the house during the winter because that means I finally get to weave. Yay!

    looking so forward to the next set of videos.



    sorry, Kathleen, I haven’t been keeping up with comments.  I think I just went to My Account/Dashboard/Profile here – what ever it is called. and there was a way to browse my PC for a photo. I have several avatars set up already, so I picked on.



    Hi all,

    I’ve been weaving for about 8-9  years and truly love the whole process of making cloth.  I love the fact that each thread passes through my fingers and to be able to create fabrics still blows my mind!  I’ve been weaving mostly tea towels in the last couple years.  I seem to be happily stuck doing these 😉  At one of Jane’s workshops a few years back, she said to us students that tea towels were like our canvases and that truly has stuck with me, so I continue to enjoy weaving them and explore colour possibilities and patterns.  I do weave other items, like scarves, baby blankets and shawls but at the moment, working with cottons are my preference!  I live on the West Coast of beautiful British Columbia in the Lower Mainland.




    Hi, I’m Sue from Somerset UK.  I like the idea of these introductions, I hope more add their names over time. It certainly helps those of us from a bit farther away to feel more a part of this exciting project.

    I started weaving about 4 years ago after I moved to Somerset. I met some weavers at a local craft fair and the spell was cast. I’m now a member of our local guild and we’re lucky to have good resources and the space to use them. We learn from each other and some attend National Summer School. I still feel  I’m a relative beginner so I look forward to gaining confidence and different ideas from Jane’s teaching. My daughter and family live in Vancouver and I hope to visit in the summer.








    I am Chris from Victoria BC. My rudimentary haiku sums it up very well.

    i muck about in~oils pastels everything ~no subject defined

    Long story short, I am an artist in transition. A number of years ago, I spun and wove but it was put away due to back surgery and painting. I love fibre and cloth, always have. This past year and a half has been a tough one, touched with loss and grief and the painting serine has not called. Knitting kept me sane and that has lead me back to exploring fibre again.

    An old four harness floor loom landed in my lap in September, followed quickly by a reel. Who am I to argue. I also took back my big tapestry pipe loom from my DH, who was using it to hang his shirts. I have traded paint on all my clothes to bits of fibre and yarn following me around the house.

    Seriously now. I want to learn how to weave with confidence and grow as a fibre artist.



    I am Lorri from Western North Carolina. I was weaving a few years back but my farm took alot of my time back. It is not quite as busy so I took a refresher class 1 1/2 years ago. I have made linen towels, tencel scarf and currently cottolin towels. Spinning, hand- knitting and machine knitting are my current “other hobbies”.


    Alissa Roode

    I’m Alissa, from Vancouver. I’ve been weaving for about 5-6 years, I think. After learning to spin, it seemed the next logical choice, and now it’s taken over all my spinning time! I took a weaving course at a local yarn store a few years ago and knew immediately that this was going to be trouble. Since then, I’ve tried to learn as much as I can from books and online sources, as well as one fantastic weekend course with Jane, and I’m constantly astounded at how much more there is to learn. I love pushing my limits, with more complicated drafts, finer threads, or interesting colour choices.



    Oh that is so great Myles!  Very cool feature.  Thanks!


    Myles English

    Hi Kathleen.  To upload a profile photo you need to go to http://en.gravatar.com/.



    I’m just testing to see how our new feature works!  Sorry not to have a new weaving project to share, but maybe you have 😉

    You can also add a photo if you have a question/problem and don’t have the words to totally describe it.

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