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    Norma OCuilinn

    Hello everyone,

    My name is Jean and I live in Alpine, Tx – which is a town in Far West Texas near the Big Bend National park.  I have been weaving off and on for almost 2 years now.  I am absolutely a beginner.  I have been fortunate to attend two workshops with Jane and learned so much.  I bought an 8harness 10treadle Louet Spring loom and am just now starting my second project on it.  A blanket out of Harrisville Shetland wool.

    I also knit some, try to spin and fly airplanes.  I’m a flight instructor but have taken a break from instructing lately.

    Anyway, it’s very nice to “meet” you all.  I am looking forward to these online classes and I’m sure I’ll have umpteen questions as we go along!  I actually already have two, but will post those in another thread 🙂



    PS : hmmm, don’t know why it says Norma.  Might be from my credit card….

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    Hi everyone,

    My name is Kathy and I’ve been weaving for about 7 years and have a variety of looms in my newly constructed workshop – a little log cabin in my backyard. I also quilt and needlepoint, but weaving is my favourite activity. I love every step of the process. I live in Duncan, which is a short ferry ride from Jane’s studio and have been lucky enough to attend 3 workshops with her. Jane’s easy-going, practical style has been so instrumental in giving me a solid base to build on, and good weaving habits. I always come away with so much excitement for my next project. I am looking forward to many more episodes so I can have Jane in my workshop whenever I need her. See you all here in the months ahead!

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    Jill BallamHello Everyone,

    My name is Jill Ballam and I live in Sooke on southern Vancouver Island.  I started weaving in 2010 and immersed myself in every weaving magazine and book I could get my hands on.  I am pretty much self taught but managed to join a wonderful weaving guild in Duncan last year and that opened my eyes to loads of possibilities.  I attended Jane’s Natural Dyeing class last July  and will take another course on Colour and Design this year.  She is truly an amazing person and we are all extremely lucky to have access to her newly formed guild. I weave on an eight shaft Louet Spring loom and a twelve shaft Woolhouse loom.  I love all things Indigo, Shibori and Ikat and can’t wait to learn more.  So glad to be among you all!!


    Marina Novokshanoff

    Hi my name is Marina, and I’m from Richmond BC (greater Vancouver area). I have been knitting for about 49 years, and almost three years ago I tried weaving, and spinning! I had to retire since work for getting in the way of fibre and granmotherhood!!!!

    I am really happy to be here, and looking forward our once a month online guild meeting!

    Jane…. looking forward to the May 1st retreat!!!!!! Yeah!




    Hello – my name is Renee and I live in Austin, TX (though a midwestern Michigan girl at heart!).  I am an avid knitter, crocheter and doodler.  After walking away from a stressful career as a derivative trader and moving to TX (marry a Texan and they don’t tell you up front that you will be moving there!) I was introduced to weaving working as the Studio Manager at the beautiful Old Oaks Ranch – now sadly closed.  I acquired a 8 shaft floor room….got rid of our fancy dining room table..and taught myself how to use the loom.  I now take textile classes at the beautiful Southwest School of Art in San Antonio and dabble on my floor loom at home.  I am always looking for help and support and stumbled on the video subscription to JST Textiles.  Just watching the first video I had some oh……moments!  So much to learn!   Nice to meet everyone.




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    Hi back at you, Cindy!  Haven’t seen you on Instagram lately ……….



    Hi everyone,


    I’m Carolyn from Victoria, BC. I’m very new to weaving. I took a beginner’s course, and I’ve made 2 scarves and 2 tea towels 🙂 I have a no-name four-harness floor loom. I am sooo excited to be here!


    Linda GM

    Another Linda here from north eastern PA. I started weaving in the 70s, mainly self taught, had a big break then jumped back into weaving about 7 years ago. I now have quite a few looms: small hand held, rigid heddle and multi shaft floor looms. I enjoy the whole process of weaving from designing to final product.  In the past few years I have taken some classes at the Mannings and now at Red Stone Glen. Would love to be able to take a class with Jane at her lovely location. There is always more to learn!



    Geri Hargreaves from the uk. I am a spinner, weaver, dyer and knitter. Now retired I am reviving my crafting skills after a long lapse due to family and work commitments.  Most of my weaving is with a sectional warp but will definitely be using my warping board for shorter warps from now on. I am lucky enough to have a sister living on Mayne Island near saltspring so hope to one day visit janes studio or if I’m lucky take one of her courses.



    xmas 2016Hello from northern Poland. My name is Ewa (pronounced Eva). I have been weaving for over 20 years, self-taught which means I have probably learnt many “mistakes” which I hope this course will help me to overcome. I have a Louet Spring 4 harness loom and a small Ashford  8 harness looms. I live on an almost self-sufficient small holding and weave mostly in the winter.

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    Linda Finkelstein

    Hello Everyone!

    I’m Linda from Mesa, Arizona since 1984 and from suburban Detroit originally where some family still reside. Joan, I am aware of Heritage Spinning and Weaving… Congrats on both your business and volunteer work!

    My interest in weaving has been “consistently episodic” since the mid 1970s. After marriage, Cranbrook was only a couple miles from my home but there were no weaving classes as part of their offerings for the general public. Later, from about 1986 thru 2006, living in Arizona, I became more serious and consistent as a member of the local Mesa and Phoenix weaving guilds but that ended with serious consuming illnesses and debilitation of my better half. Up to that point, I had woven off only fourteen warps in a most inefficient manner and with a  struggling albeit perfectionistic style. I took a number of workshops and read a number of books on various weaving styles but not actually enough about good foundational methods. My style really needs to improve (when my daughter has watched me weave she would marvel at how I could  like doing that which I obviously had such difficulty doing). So now, I appreciate and am excited about Jane’s online guild to review the basics, to learn better methods for everything, to build fine weaving skills, and to increase productivity… happy, happy, joy, joy!

    Since my husband’s passing in late May I have reemerged by rejoining the Mesa weaving guild and by taking wonderful Navajo and inkle weaving classes at the Fiber Factory.  My 8 Harness floor loom awaits my full attention having been warped and threaded with a name draft in late 2006 which went on as white linen but now looks fashionably gray, given all the dust…  Self confidence is not yet strong enough to begin weaving off this project but will increase with my exposure to Jane’s instruction.  I am so very pleased to join with each of you as we travel our fiber friendly path!





    I live in Western New York, just south of Buffalo.  I retired a couple of years ago and have begun weaving in earnest!  I took my first weaving course in 1977 (!!!), the life became too busy.  In the 1990’s I began spinning.  I have always been a knitter, so everything seems to just go together for me as far as my love for fibers.  I have finally been able to join a local guild, where I have found great inspiration to get outside of the box and explore.  I’m trying some scarves with painted warps, thick fibers, thin fibers, took a class in deflected doubleweave (which I loved!), and added a 16H Ashford table loom to my collection of tools.  What can I say?  I love it, and I’m so happy to be part of this very diverse group!

    Look forward to interacting more in the future




    I’m Cindy and I live in Michigan near Detroit.  I started weaving around 1980 I have been weaving on and off throughout the years and have acquired many looms.  Currently I own a 16 Harness AVL mechanical dobby, a pre-AVL 12 shaft mechanical dobby, an 8 harness baby wolf, a Jane table loom, a 4 harness Norwood loom, a handmade 4 harness counterbalance loom and a 4 harness Cromaine loom made in Heartland Michigan.  I am currently the Vice-President of the Michigan League of Handweavers.  Now that I am retired I have more time to weave and use these many looms.

    Hey Sandra, we met on Bonesmart when we both had our knees replaced back in 2015.  Hope you are doing well.



    I’m Joan and I hail from southeast Michigan, USA. I learned to weave and spin in 1999. Opened a brick and mortar store in 2000 (Heritage Spinning and Weaving) and haven’t looked back. I’ve been to Jane’s three times for classes and once to become one of the first Louet Certified Dealers. I teach weaving in my shop and in our region at festivals and conferences. I enjoy all parts of weaving, just wish I had more time. My special weaving interests are historical and Norwegian weaving — one of these days I will make the overshot coverlet of my dreams. I also am a bit passionate about inkle weaving. In my “Spare Time,” I am a volunteer “Textile Specialist” at The Henry Ford Museum in the Textile Conservation lab. I have been going there one day a week for over four years and love the work and the honor of helping preserve our history.



    My name is Amanda and my interests are… eclectic. True to my ISTJ nature, I get obsessive about something until the next shiny thing comes along. Interests rarely truly die (that category includes sewing reenactment costumes, crochet and drawing) but instead cycle as my interest is recaptured. Therefore I knit very well, spin decently, weave poorly, and am fascinated by but have not made a genuine attempt at bobbin lace. (But I own the accoutrements!)

    I am also a language geek with only the time on my hands to devote to one new language at a time. I consider myself passing conversational in French, and I have dabbled briefly in Japanese, Welsh, Dutch and German. Those are my bucket list languages at this point.  Arabic and Russian are somewhere in my future too, I have no doubt. I am a student of computer science and I hope to make a career out of the joint pursuit of language and computer science in the field of natural language processing.

    I cannot in all honesty stop there: I also enjoy a small fountain pen hobby, and I consider spoiling my cat to be a hobby as well. My fiancé joins me on this last one in particular — a wonderful man whose favorite socks are handspun, who insisted on wearing a faded handknit sweater to Thanksgiving, and won’t take off his fingerless mitts from December to April.

    My loom and partner on this weaving journey is a 30 year old Bergå Ullman 60″ wide, 12 shaft, 14 treadle countermarche that is in a state of functional restoration. She has been sadly neglected over the past decade at least (no information of her original owner, I believe I am the fourth) and it is my intention to see her at work at long last.

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