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    Another hello from Europe. My name is Gaby. I am from Germany and I am a newbie in weaving. Two years ago I wove my first two scarves on a rigid heddle loom, which I borrowed from a friend. I liked the result but not my aching shoulder  and decided that I will try a real loom or a workshop. But Germany with all its weaving traditions seams to be a weaving diaspora there be only a handful possibilities to learn and never ever a shop near to see a real loom. I searched through the internet, looked small videos on “you tube” and found ” Jane” and her parts of the video which come with the louet looms.  A wish grow! But it is an amount full of money which is needed to buy a loom without knowing wethter there will be again an aching shoulder. Last year in spring I persuaded my husband to make a little journey to Louet in the Netherlands. .only two hours with the car from where I live and met Jan Louet and his enthusiasm for looms. He explained and showed his looms and I also had the possiblity to see the amazing factory where the looms and wheels are made. I fell in love with the spring and decided to save a little more money ((-: But lucky me another spinning friend renovated her house and she lent me her 4 shaft counternarsh loom. So I had six great months to play and a wishlist for father chrismas. How perfect that the online guild started in January and I have the chance to learn. I enjoy the first episode and all the comments here and I am counting the hours to the nextepisodes..

    please forgive my not so correct english.. I give my very best ((-:

    Who wants to see more from my textiles hobbies can have a little look at my blog




    Good Morning from  U.K. 🇬🇧.   Loving Episode One.  I have been weaving for a couple of years and have a Louet Jane 40 and now a Louet David 70 both 8 shafts.  So many little tips which make the whole process so much more successful.  Thank you.



    Hi all.  I’m Liz and I live on a small island about a days paddle north of Jane’s island. I’m mostly a spinner but the spinning piles up so I have to find something to do with it.  My knitting is so slow so weaving is a good option.  I wove years ago but I am still a beginner so these videos are very helpful.

    It’s amazing to see where everyone is from.  There are so many Americans and even a few from England!  I’m looking forward to learning more and meeting everyone even if it is only online.




    Hi, my name is Shelley and I am from Comox, BC on Vancouver Island.   I have been a 3d artist for many years but have done fiber stuff (embroidery, fine crochet etc etc) since a young girl (back when doilies were actually a thing people used!). But clay can only go so far so I have made a jump shift back to the soft stuff.  I love it and feel like I have come home.

    I have taken a beginner weaving class, joined the Woodgatherers Guild and acquired a sweet 24″ Leclerc floor loom.  HUGE learning curve (which I love).   Also have taken up knitting again which is another soft joy.

    Met some nice ladies and just having a blast. I already have learned so much from lesson one.  Looking forward to number two with great anticipation.



    Hi everyone, I’m Val. I’m a shepherd in S.W. Saskatchewan between the Cypress Hill and the National Grasslands Park. I long for more time for my projects: spinning, knitting, weaving, tapestry weaving, quilting, gardening.

    As time goes by my spinners flock gets larger and more diverse (lots of fibre is good), but  it really cuts into weaving time. Don’t get me wrong, I love the sheep and can’t envision life without them or their wonderful wool! It’s their coming into my life that put me on the wild and wooly adventures of spinning and weaving! I sell their wool at woolywoolofthewest on Etsy. So with over 500 plus pounds after each shearing, its a full year of work getting it put into the shop and getting ready for the next spring shearing.

    Enjoyed Jane’s first lesson and can’t wait until tomorrow when lesson 2 arrives. This is going to be a great refresher course and hopefully I’ll form some new habits and learn to enjoy warping my looms. Every month waiting for the next lesson will be  like a kid’s Christmas! First project will be the cotton boucle tea towels. A big departure from weaving with wool!

    big girls



    Hi I am another Linda. I live in Seattle and am a member of the Seattle Guild. I have been weaving for about 30 years!!  Shocking.. I also knit quite a bit. I love fiber and textiles. I usually have an indigo vat in the summer.

    I weave rag and wool rugs, towels and some tapestry. I have a Glimakra floor loom and a smaller floor loom.. can’t remember the brand. Plus I have two small tapestry looms. I taught myself to do wedge weave last year. I love it!
    I have taken one class from Jane at Maiwa in Vancouver.


    Elaine Lewis

    Thanks, Kathleen, for suggesting we introduce ourselves. I have enjoyed reading the short bios that people have provided – what a diverse group we are! My name is Elaine, and I learned to weave in January 2014. I learned to read a draft and was able to follow all sorts of patterns to create fabric – usually very complex 8-shaft, multicoloured, complex treadling patterns. Then last May I took Jane’s Colour and Design workshop! Who knew weaving could be creative and fun? Now I’m on a year-long plain-weave-only journey, and I’m playing with colours, with graphics, with texture, with fibre, with silliness. I discovered the Elaine method for stripes without using alternate colours (a knowledgeable weaver said, “oh, crammed and dents”). OK, so it was invented before, and I probably read about it, but it was still new to me when I discovered it and gave me a “this is way cooooool” moment at the loom.

    I loved the first set of videos that Jane posted because of Jane’s creative and often random approach to making them. Want to know how to make the cross – watch video 5, want to count threads – watch video 1 (or was it 2?), and so on with information scattered throughout videos as the ideas came to Jane.  As someone who spent >20 years preparing and delivering lessons, it is liberating and refreshing to see someone teach whatever pops into her head.  I’m looking forward to more.

    I’m also looking forward to reading your posts and learning from each of you as we progress through the videos. But right now there are 230 threads of alpaca with a need to be warped.


    Norma OCuilinn

    Hello everyone,

    My name is Jean and I live in Alpine, Tx – which is a town in Far West Texas near the Big Bend National park.  I have been weaving off and on for almost 2 years now.  I am absolutely a beginner.  I have been fortunate to attend two workshops with Jane and learned so much.  I bought an 8harness 10treadle Louet Spring loom and am just now starting my second project on it.  A blanket out of Harrisville Shetland wool.

    I also knit some, try to spin and fly airplanes.  I’m a flight instructor but have taken a break from instructing lately.

    Anyway, it’s very nice to “meet” you all.  I am looking forward to these online classes and I’m sure I’ll have umpteen questions as we go along!  I actually already have two, but will post those in another thread 🙂



    PS : hmmm, don’t know why it says Norma.  Might be from my credit card….

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    Hi everyone,

    My name is Kathy and I’ve been weaving for about 7 years and have a variety of looms in my newly constructed workshop – a little log cabin in my backyard. I also quilt and needlepoint, but weaving is my favourite activity. I love every step of the process. I live in Duncan, which is a short ferry ride from Jane’s studio and have been lucky enough to attend 3 workshops with her. Jane’s easy-going, practical style has been so instrumental in giving me a solid base to build on, and good weaving habits. I always come away with so much excitement for my next project. I am looking forward to many more episodes so I can have Jane in my workshop whenever I need her. See you all here in the months ahead!

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    Jill BallamHello Everyone,

    My name is Jill Ballam and I live in Sooke on southern Vancouver Island.  I started weaving in 2010 and immersed myself in every weaving magazine and book I could get my hands on.  I am pretty much self taught but managed to join a wonderful weaving guild in Duncan last year and that opened my eyes to loads of possibilities.  I attended Jane’s Natural Dyeing class last July  and will take another course on Colour and Design this year.  She is truly an amazing person and we are all extremely lucky to have access to her newly formed guild. I weave on an eight shaft Louet Spring loom and a twelve shaft Woolhouse loom.  I love all things Indigo, Shibori and Ikat and can’t wait to learn more.  So glad to be among you all!!


    Marina Novokshanoff

    Hi my name is Marina, and I’m from Richmond BC (greater Vancouver area). I have been knitting for about 49 years, and almost three years ago I tried weaving, and spinning! I had to retire since work for getting in the way of fibre and granmotherhood!!!!

    I am really happy to be here, and looking forward our once a month online guild meeting!

    Jane…. looking forward to the May 1st retreat!!!!!! Yeah!




    Hello – my name is Renee and I live in Austin, TX (though a midwestern Michigan girl at heart!).  I am an avid knitter, crocheter and doodler.  After walking away from a stressful career as a derivative trader and moving to TX (marry a Texan and they don’t tell you up front that you will be moving there!) I was introduced to weaving working as the Studio Manager at the beautiful Old Oaks Ranch – now sadly closed.  I acquired a 8 shaft floor room….got rid of our fancy dining room table..and taught myself how to use the loom.  I now take textile classes at the beautiful Southwest School of Art in San Antonio and dabble on my floor loom at home.  I am always looking for help and support and stumbled on the video subscription to JST Textiles.  Just watching the first video I had some oh……moments!  So much to learn!   Nice to meet everyone.




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    Hi back at you, Cindy!  Haven’t seen you on Instagram lately ……….



    Hi everyone,


    I’m Carolyn from Victoria, BC. I’m very new to weaving. I took a beginner’s course, and I’ve made 2 scarves and 2 tea towels 🙂 I have a no-name four-harness floor loom. I am sooo excited to be here!


    Linda GM

    Another Linda here from north eastern PA. I started weaving in the 70s, mainly self taught, had a big break then jumped back into weaving about 7 years ago. I now have quite a few looms: small hand held, rigid heddle and multi shaft floor looms. I enjoy the whole process of weaving from designing to final product.  In the past few years I have taken some classes at the Mannings and now at Red Stone Glen. Would love to be able to take a class with Jane at her lovely location. There is always more to learn!

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